20 Defining Quotes From The DC CW’s Arrowverse

20. George Washington’s Appreciation For Rory (Legends of Tomorrow)

Arrowverse George_Washington_LOT

“Your rebel spirit, your steadfastness, your crass yet effective use of language…you, Mr. Rory, represent the best of what our new nation can be.” – George Washington
“Yes, yes I do.” – Rory

When the Legends travel to times of the Revolutionary War to try and stop a brainwashed Rip Hunter from rewriting history at the expense of murdering George Washington and getting the Spear of Destiny, Rory manages to become encamped with one of the founders of America. While there, his usual gruff demeanor is ever present. Washington was an honor-bound general who wanted to use the usual honor-bound standard for warfare while Rory’s approach was more in line with the antihero we all know and love. Rory managed to show Washington that it’s OK to do a “little” cheating when it comes to winning, and he managed not only to sway Washington to his way of thinking (which in turn, helped with the war), but he also got a statue built in his honor when they returned back to the present.

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