5 Things The ‘Nightwing’ Movie Needs To Get Right

5. His own hero

Nightwing DC Comics

Right off the bat, the Nightwing movie needs to establish that Dick Grayson is not Batman’s sidekick. In the comics, by the time Dick dons the Nightwing costume, he’s put his identity as Robin far behind him. Seeking to reinvent himself, he establishes himself as a protector of the city of Bludhaven. There he fights crime on his own, using the lessons Batman taught him, but always holding true to his own standards, his own ideals.

Moving to Bludhaven was the perfect way for Dick to reinvent himself, by grounding his feet firmly in a new physical location. In order for the new movie to effectively emulate Dick’s desire for separation, the film should also be set in Bludhaven. It would give Dick Grayson the most freedom to exert his own brand of heroism over the city, just like in the comics.

As Nightwing, Dick distinguishes himself by showing more compassion to his enemies, more willingness to forgive than Batman. This can sometimes lead to problems for Dick, such as the case with his one-time mentor Raptor (more on him later). But this forgiveness comes in handy too, such as in the recent comic arc by Tim Seeley, where Dick met a woman once known as the villain Defacer. They were both former sidekicks, and Dick understood more than anyone the kind of influence a mentor can have over you. Dick’s forgiveness led to a romantic relationship, and a sense of companionship that Batman, in his isolation, could never achieve.

The move would do well to capture the ungrounded style and capacity for forgiveness of Dick Grayson. If Batman is a thinker, Nightwing is a feeler. Nightwing’s heart guides him to do what’s right, and the movie needs to show that.

Aaron Berke

Aaron Berke

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