7 Legion Of Superhero Members You Should Know About

Legion of Superheroes
The Legion of Superheroes is one of the largest and most underrated teams in comics. They have their own animated series from 2006 under their belt and Mon-El is now on the CW’s Supergirl. They protect the DCU in the 31st century. Their members come from member planets of an intergalactic alliance that hopes to maintain peace across universe. While all of them have unique powers, the legion member ring grants anyone who wears it the ability to fly.  

Legion of Superheroes first became popular due to Superboy’s time travelling adventures and membership on the team. In fact, the team was originally formed due to how inspiring Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy found Superboy to be and they plucked him out of time to join. When Superboy reduced the amount of time he spent in the future, more supporting members from the Legion of Superheroes were fleshed out. No two characters are alike and they all deserve a little loving.  

Clues across DC Rebirth titles point to a new Legion of Superheroes book sometime soon, so now is the perfect time to start discovering these wonderful characters. Is your favorite Legionnaire not on the list? Well let me know in the comments who I forgot! Hit Next to find out about 7 essential members of the Legion of Superheroes!


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    I appreciate this article greatly. I’ve never been the biggest Legion fan, but there are aspects of them that I do like.