7 Supporting Characters You Should Expect To See In ‘The Flash’

7. James Forrest


While Barry has a lot of friends who have worked beside him at the forensic lab, James has worked at the lab the longest stretch of time.  Forrest, who was originally introduced during the New 52 reboot, is a hard-working, intelligent DNA specialist who has helped Barry crack countless cases. Despite how close the two of them are, he doesn’t know Barry’s secret, forcing Barry to constantly mislead James whenever he needs to run out and suit up as the Flash.

James works perfectly as the “every man” for the story. Above everything else, he is interested in putting in his time with the Central City Police Department so he can earn his full pension and buy the yacht he’s been day-dreaming about for years. He even has a photo of the yacht on his desk to keep him motivated throughout the day. While other people in the offices are busy playing politics and sucking up to the new boss, David Singh, James is a humble guy who is happy keeping his head down and sticking to his work.

While Barry is a comedic character in his own right, I really want James to shine as a force of humor for the movie.  Flash should be busy dealing with serious emotional conflicts, so his sense of humor should be weighted down a little bit by the stress he feels. James on the other hand, is free from the story’s stresses. He’s kind of a big guy, so I want to see him make comments about how quick Barry is when he is just walking around the office or doing routine tasks. But most importantly, I want to see his mission to buy a boat finally come true in a future movie since it gives audiences a sense of progress for regular, side characters within the DC Universe instead of only showing growth for the heroes and their allies.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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