Alicia Silverstone Confused About The ‘Wonder Woman’ Hype

Alicia Silverstone Wonder WomanDespite the major critical and box office success that Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is getting, it seems like a former Batman & Robin star is confused about the big hype behind the new DC film. Alicia Silverstone, who played Barbara Gordon Wilson a.k.a. Batgirl in the fourth Batman installment back in 1997, recently expressed some of her thoughts about the reception behind the Amazon Princess’ new film.

While the actress doesn’t necessarily criticize Wonder Woman, Silverstone definitely wonders why this particular female led film is getting the strong reception that it’s getting, compared to the other female driven movies in the past. Silverstone brings up films like Bridesmaids, Mean Girls and Clueless as examples throughout her explanation.

“There’s ‘Bridesmaids.’ There’s a movie out right now…with tons of girls [Scarlett Johansson‘s “Rough Night”]. I’m sure it’s killing it, right? I don’t know. I just feel like, over the years, there was ‘Mean Girls,’ there was ‘Clueless,’ over time we have had so many movies that have been female-driven.”

Silverstone did however question whether Hollywood should listen more to audience members of the superhero genre when it comes to celebrating female empowerment. As a mother, she doesn’t feel kids should see films that are celebrated for their flashiness.

“It has to be ‘Wonder Woman.’ It has to have tons of flash, right? Like when you’re looking at children’s films now, as a mom, I don’t want my kid to see all that. Loud effects, all the stuff that’s like stimulate, stimulate! But that’s what audiences want, so it’s a tricky thing. Sometimes it’s just the quieter more interesting things sometimes get seen because they touch someone enough.”

“Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.”

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is now playing in theaters.

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5 Greatest Moments In ‘Wonder Woman’

Great Moments Wonder Woman
It’s no surprise here that Wonder Woman is not only dominating at the box office, but it’s a huge hit amongst comic and film fans alike. The film is a major triumph in many ways and there are several reasons as to why this is the case. The direction, the acting, the script, and the time in which it has been released, it has had an effect on the quality and the reception of the film. Wonder Woman is an inspiration for many and the film takes its time to highlight her in all her glory. There is a wealth of incredible elements in this film as well as great moments. There is so much to choose from, but there are definitely certain moments that stick out more so than the others.

Here are the 5 Greatest Moments in Wonder Woman. There will be Spoilers. Click next to continue.

5. Ares Reveals Himself

Ares Wonder Woman Greatest Moments

The film does an excellent job at setting up Ludendorff as Ares, but after he is killed, Sir Patrick reveals himself to be Ares the entire time. Ares didn’t actively engage in combat, but he secretly gave suggestions to people so that they can destroy themselves. It’s a brilliant reveal showing that who we thought was good was quietly the mastermind the entire time. It makes more sense that Ares would be smarter about his orchestration and the reveal was a surprise. In addition to the reveal we get a grand battle following soon after with Ares wearing the iconic armor that he is known for in the comics.

4. Alley Fight
Alley Greatest Moments

While with Diana in London, Steve notices he’s being tailed and he quickly pulls into an alleyway only to be met with a thug pointing a gun in his face. Quickly Diana ends up deflecting another man’s bullet and she takes out the men with ease. This scene shows her capabilities as a fighter and Steve gets to see more of how incredible she really is. It’s a fun moment that highlights the bad-ass that is Diana. It also is a scene that pays tribute to the 1978 Superman film where instead of deflecting a bullet, Superman caught it.   

3. Steve’s Sacrifice

Steve Greatest Moments

Steve Trevor constantly proves himself to be more than just a normal man. His heroics and loyalty to Diana are proven throughout the film. He’s a great man trying to end this war and to save people. In the climax of the film the Germans are prepared to deliver a plane filled with deadly poisonous gas to kill millions of people. The plane is about to take off, but the only way to stop the gas from killing people is to destroy it out of harm’s way. Steve tells Diana he loves her and jumps in. He ends up blowing himself up and the gas with him. He gave his life for his cause and he became the ultimate hero and the motivation Diana needed to destroy Ares. It hits home the message that people are good and worth fighting for. 

2. The Battle On Themyscira

Amazons Greatest moments

When Steve Trevor first finds himself within Themyscira he isn’t alone. He’s being tailed by the German army and they end up in a conflict between the Amazons. This scene is special because it shows the power and the fighting capabilities of these amazing women. It’s a payoff to the training that has been shown since the first moments in the film. It’s a beautifully shot moment and certainly one of the most important action sequences as it allows Diana to learn and trust Steve. It also is crucial in that it shows the significance of the death of Antiope, who has been a mentor to Diana. This death allows her to see the severity of the world outside and the war that Steve describes in the next scene. This trust is crucial for the remainder of the film and this is a memorable sequence.

1. No Man’s Land

No Man's Land Greatest Moments

The single greatest scene in the entire film is No Man’s Land. By far it is the most heroic and most action-heavy sequence. This scene earns the top spot for the simple fact that this shows Wonder Woman. Not just Diana, but Wonder Woman. No Man’s Land is the place in between the trenches and the heavily German occupied area where a stretch of land that is certain death to anyone who isn’t Diana. At the cost of her own life she takes on the heavily armed Germans with machine guns showing her as a hero to the people of the occupied town. She’s the epitome a superhero in this moment and it’s probably the most entertaining scene in the film. It’s a moment that reportedly almost got cut, but it’s so crucial to the film and to the character of Diana. It certainly earns its place here.

If I were to go over what makes the film so great it would be a lot of ground to cover and it would include these moments and so many more. These exemplify the high quality of the film and hopefully you felt similarly to me when seeing these scenes play out on the big screen.

So what are your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments!

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Nathan_12thMan

    Her first point is mute because it mainly doesn’t have to do with women in film, it has to do with a female lead superhero movie. There have been some before (Elektra, Catwoman) but this one is of the most popular female Superhero of all time and a symbol of feminism in pop culture. The fact that it was smashed out of the park is a huge deal to a ton of people.

    Her second point is sorta just…meh. So you as a parent (speak just for yourself, not other parents) believe Wonder Woman (I seriously question if she has actually seen it) is too flashy and stimulating for her kids. Okay. Well, it is your right to not allow your kids to see it then. Problem solved. It is a big superhero blockbuster movie, are you wanting it to be bland? Unstimulating? Dull? Are you wanting Superman and Wonder Woman and Spider Man and Iron Man to be sitting around and talking? I don’t understand what her desire is for big blockbusters to be (let alone superhero ones).

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    I’m confused as to why someone dug up Alicia Silverstone to ask her this question…