Armie Hammer On ‘Green Lantern’ & ‘Shazam’ Rumors

Armie Hammer Shazam Green LanternOver the last couple of months, Armie Hammer’s name has continued to pop up when it comes to DCEU rumors for various parts. The actor has several times been brought up as someone that Warner Bros. is potentially looking at for the role of Hal Jordan a.k.a. the Green Lantern.

A few weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson, who will be playing Black Adam, spoke about seeing Hammer as a potential candidate for the role of Shazam. After having met the actor recently, Johnson felt really excited about that casting idea.

Hammer recently chatted with Screen Rant where he talked about the whole situation regarding these rumors. According to Hammer, neither he nor his agent has gotten a call from Warner Bros. for either of those parts.

“What an embarrassment of riches to have all of these choices. The funny thing is, is nobody has ever come to me an been like… My agent has never called and said, “Armie, Warner Bros, has been talking to me. There’s really interested in you. This whole thing.” Never. In fact, after… there was like a… When the Green Lantern stuff first kind of started, which I think is Geoff Johns fault, because he like followed me on Twitter or something, and everybody was like what does that mean?! So uh… how did it happen, Um, I called my agent, after it had been going on for like a week or two, it had been going on for a little bit, I called my agent, I was like, “Man, have you heard anything from like D.C. or anything?” And he was like, “No”. I was like, “nothing?” He was like, “No”. I was like, “Not one thing?”, and he was like, “No. Why?” I was like, “nothing about… Green Lantern?”, and he was like, “No, nothing”, and I was like, alright. That’s it, that’s the end of it.”

As a reminder, when Johnson brought up Hammer, he did stress that he was one of a “handful” candidates for the DC part. It remains to be seen what the future currently looks like for the Shazam movie since the announcement in January that Johnson’s Black Adam is getting his own solo-film and won’t be the big bad in the Billy Batson centered story.

Green Lantern Corps is currently slated to come out on July 24, 2020. David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel) and Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers) wrote the screenplay, based on a story by Goyer and DC Films co-head Geoff Johns.

Shazam, written by Henry Gayden (Earth to Echo) is reportedly set to hit theaters on April 5, 2019.

Source: Screen Rant

5 Things The ‘Nightwing’ Movie Needs To Get Right

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Nightwing DC Comics

Of all the surprising moves made by DC, announcing a solo Nightwing film was perhaps the most surprising. Considering Batman hasn’t even started filming his solo movie yet, it seemed a bit premature. Then of course came the announcement of the Batgirl movie, and it became clear that DC is hedging its bets in favor of Batman’s surrogate family. While it may have been more favorable to wait until the release of The Batman to consider spinning off the sidekicks, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to with these announcements, but a lot to be apprehensive about too.

Between Batgirl and Nightwing, the Barbara Gordon film is probably the safer bet for an immediately successful solo entry, particularly with Joss Whedon directing and writing. Dick Grayson has a lot more to prove. After all, he’s still considered by general audiences to be simply Robin. They might know that Dick eventually becomes Nightwing, but to most, this just means a change in costume and attitude, but a character who still essentially lives in Batman’s shadow.

This couldnt be further from the truth. In fact, a huge part of Nightwing’s appeal is just how different he is from Batman. Dick has his own way of operating, his own set of values, his own moral code, and his own outlook on life that’s totally different from Bruce Wayne’s. Nightwing represents one of the most optimistic voices in heroism, and when he’s done right, his comic book adventures are a breath of fresh air. There’s a lot of great stuff director Chris Mckay can pull from the Nightwing comics to ensure the movie lives and breathes that authentic Dick Grayson vibe. Here are the 5 things the Nightwing movie needs to get right. Click next to begin!

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