Top 10 Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Films

Acclaimed Superhero Movies

Like any other film genre superhero films are varied and they range in quality from extremely well received all the way down to critically panned. With this in mind there are certain films that the critics have lauded over.  While the genre doesn’t often receive awards under its belt there are a few films that have been praised.  Even to the point where they have been nominated for multiple awards, which is an incredible feat.  Recently Deadpool has been nominated for Golden Globe and Writers Guild Awards, which while critically praised is a surprising move.  With all this in mind it is a good time to look back at some of the most critically acclaimed superhero films of all time.  So without further ado onto the list.


Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Carl

    The only one that doesn’t belong is Days of Future Past. It’s really not a good movie and 1st Class is far far better.

    • Alejandro Gonzalez


    • Thanostic

      Disagree vehemently. I thought DOFP was the best X-Men movie.

      • Carl

        I disagree vehemently. I’d put it below 1st Class, X2 and X1.

        • Thanostic

          That’s your right, of course. I’m not huge on X1, though I’m glad it was made, because it launched this (mostly) excellent franchise. If we’re just ranking the ensemble movies, I’d go DOFP, X2, First Class, Apocalypse, X1, X3 (which I’d like to pretend was never made).

    • ieyke

      Days Of Future Past is genuinely terrible.
      It’s actually worse the Apocalypse.

      If X-Men Origins:Wolverine didn’t exist, DoFP would be the worst X-Men movie.

  • Loop Hughes

    Spider-Man 2 is more critically acclaimed than any of the other Marvel-based superhero movies on this list.

  • Maxi Iroh

    No Superman II?

  • ieyke

    Days Of Future Past does not, in any way shape or form, belong on this list.

    Out of 95 comicbook/superhero movies, DoFP is the 10th WORST.

  • NinjinSteve

    Spider-Man 2 is almost universally considered to be the best superhero movie of all time. And X-Men: First Class is probably the best X-men film.

    • BlaqMaq

      *The Dark Knight

  • The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in my top 10 still!