‘Wonder Woman’ Currently At The Top Of The Box Office With $97.1 Million Debut

Wonder Woman Box Office

Wonder Woman is claiming the box office as the film rises to top with an expected $97.1 million opening weekend. About a month ago, the film was tracking to make less than $70 million, but that just goes to show what word-of-mouth, positive critical and fan response, and a great social media presence can do. At the Friday box office alone, the film made $38.9 million, which included $11 million in Thursday previews.

The film, the first female-led superhero movie, has been certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 94% fresh rating. Wonder Woman has already knocked out other box office contenders this week, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch included.

Aside from making a big splash at the box office, Wonder Woman is also one of only five DC/Warner Bros. films to get an A CinemaScore. Three of the five films are Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. The end of the day today and early tomorrow will see if the movie will surpass $100 million. Female audiences are outnumbering male audiences, 52% to 48%. Director Patty Jenkins is in talks to be helming the film’s sequel and is currently on track to break the record for highest-grossing opening weekend by a female director.

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Source: Deadline

7 Wonder Woman Villains Perfect For Future Sequels

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Wonder Woman
Now that we’re about a month away from Wonder Woman’s solo movie, it’s time to start fantasizing about what we’ll see in those sequels Warner Bros. is inevitably planning. Wonder Woman has a rich rogues gallery that has transformed and grown alongside her as she’s become one of the world’s most iconic heroes.

It looks like Ares, the Greek god of war, will be the main villain for Wonder Woman’s first outing, but DC is gonna need to shake things up for future projects. Diana Prince has already proved herself a terrific warrior in Batman V Superman when she took on Doomsday, so I’m excited to see who the creators want to throw at her next. She doesn’t need a full team beside her, Wonder Woman is warrior enough to defend the innocent from all types of threats.

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