Biopic About ‘Wonder Woman’ Creator Gets Teaser

Professor Marston Wonder Woman
If you caught Wonder Woman recently, you might have noticed a rather odd tag just before the movie that didn’t list a title – kinda like what happened with the first ad for Cloverfield that arrived in front of Transformers about a decade ago. As it turns out, this is an advertisement for Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, an upcoming biopic about the creator of Wonder Woman herself.

It goes without saying that Wonder Woman is far and away the most iconic female superhero ever made, but the story behind the person who created her is also fascinating – Professor William Moulton Marston drew a great amount of influence for his character from two women in his life -Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne. The teaser below hints at this story:

The creation of the Wonder Woman franchise certainly isn’t the only story about comic book creators worth telling, and since we’re living in a culture that’s greatly supportive for comic book movies right now, one can only hope that this movie opens the door toward telling stories about how other comic book icons got created.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women does not yet have a release date, but filming on the project is well underway. The movie will star Luke Evans as William Moulton Marston, Rebecca Hall as Elizabeth Holloway Marston, and Bella Heathcote as Olive Byrne.

Wonder Woman is playing in theaters. Its cast includes Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright as General Antiope, Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan, Elena Anaya as Doctor Isabel Maru (Doctor Poison), and Danny Huston as General Erich Ludendorff.

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Wonder Woman
Now that we’re about a month away from Wonder Woman’s solo movie, it’s time to start fantasizing about what we’ll see in those sequels Warner Bros. is inevitably planning. Wonder Woman has a rich rogues gallery that has transformed and grown alongside her as she’s become one of the world’s most iconic heroes.

It looks like Ares, the Greek god of war, will be the main villain for Wonder Woman’s first outing, but DC is gonna need to shake things up for future projects. Diana Prince has already proved herself a terrific warrior in Batman V Superman when she took on Doomsday, so I’m excited to see who the creators want to throw at her next. She doesn’t need a full team beside her, Wonder Woman is warrior enough to defend the innocent from all types of threats.

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