10 Actors Who Can Play The Green Lanterns In ‘Green Lantern Corps’

imageYesterday a rumor that Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner might all team up on the big screen in 2020’s Green Lantern Corps surfaced and it got me a little bit more excited for the upcoming DC Film. So, I decided to make a list of the actors that I think are best to become our Emerald Knights. Check out my 10th choice on the next page!


Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

Running things at HH. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NateBrail

  • Kyle is half-Latino. If you cast him with a full white dude, all the idiotic SJWs like Donna Dickens will lose their collective minds.

    So… Yeah, let’s do that! ?

    Here’s my short list:

    1. Hal – Nathan Fillion. Only guy I want.
    2. John – MBJ or Nate Parker. Either would be insanely awesome.
    3. Kyle – Luna is good, but I would go older so John can be the “new recruit” because I like the idea of Hal & John doing Lethal Weapon in space… so I would go with Edgar Ramirez who is so awesome and kicks so much butt.

    • Phil

      I like this list! What do you think of Pedro Pascal as another alternative for Kyle Rayner?

    • JMMagwood

      I’m still hoping for Mathew McConaughey for Jordan.

  • MistaWu

    I STILL think they should give Ryan Reynolds another shot. I do not think he was the problem with the first film. The script was garbage.

    Of course, they’d have to back up a money truck to his house, now that he is Deadpool.

    • Phil

      He stated that he would never do another Green Lantern movie. However, a truckload of money may have the desired effect to at least think about it.

    • flavortang

      Nah. Reynolds isn’t Hal. He is Deadpool. For me, Chris Pine was Hal, but he’s Steve Trevor so I have no clue who they should cast. An unknown maybe?

  • Phil

    With the outrage across the internet with the so-called whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell and Marvel’s Iron Fist.WB would be asking for controversy if they cast a white actor for a comic book character that is half Hispanic. There are plenty of Hispanic actors out there who could play the part.
    Pedro Pascal
    Benjamin Bratt
    Javier Bardem
    Gael Garcia Bernal
    Oscar Isaac
    Ryan Guzman
    Adam Rodriguez
    Edgar Ramirez

    • Holidayvid Frame

      How was Iron Fist whitewashing if the character has always been white. Nonce

  • flavortang

    Please not Fillion or Damon. I’d be down to see Marsden in the role. Don’t care about Raynor. Anybody but Jordan for Stewart.

  • wat

    Michael B. Jordan is way too young for John Stewart. He would’ve been a perfect Cyborg but oh well I’m sure Ray Fisher will be fine. He has a lot of passion for the role so that’s refreshing. As for John Stewart, I’m campaigning for Derek Luke but Nate Parker would be pretty damn great for it. Knowing WB, though, they don’t like “obvious” casting choices, which I love about them.

    • flavortang

      Fisher is a much better actor. I agree about WB and obvious casting. Love that. I’m sure I’ll be surprised with Stewart’s casting.

      I just hope they go ape crazy with the character/light construct designs. No boxing gloves! lol

      • wat

        Fisher is a much better actor than who??? Definitely not Michael B. Jordan, lol.

        • flavortang

          Better than Jordan. Can’t stand him.

      • Nix

        I love Fisher, he seems cool but saying he’s a better actor than MBJ is just silly. Have you not seen Creed? MBJ was amazing in that movie. He definitely has a lot of potential if he chooses his future roles correctly.

        • flavortang

          Jordan is a charisma vortex, like a low-rent Will Smith.

          • No one who saw Creed would say that.

          • flavortang

            I may watch that, but up to this point I’ve seen nothing to make me want to be a fan of Jordan.

          • Then you need to stop hating and watch season 4-5 of Friday Night Lights.

            I have a feeling you’re basing your entire opinion on Fantastic Four.

            But I doubt you’d say the same things about Kate Mara or Miles Teller or Jamie Bell, because you’ve likely seen things in which they’ve been much better.

            Also, Fruitvale Station is a must-watch.

            And season 4 of The Wire.

            You couldn’t be more wrong about MBJ if you tried to be.

          • flavortang

            Not interested in that Friday Night show.

            “Kate Mara or Miles Teller or Jamie Bell,” Not a fan of Mara, intensely dislike Teller and not a fan at all of Bell. Fantastic Four certainly didn’t help. lol

            I’m not going to go out of my way to catch more of Jordan’s work. I’m just not a fan.

          • Then you remain completely uninformed.

            Your ignorance of how fantastic an actor MBJ actually is solely your choosing, especially because you are basing it off of one terrible film.

            If all you saw George Clooney in was Batman & Robin, and then made your opinion of his abilities as an actor on that one film, you would be similarly derided.

            A true film fan would seek out more than one bad film an actor happened to appear in to create such a definitive, set-in stone opinion.

            But I’ve come across too many people like you on the internet with ridiculous opinions to really care anymore.

            You’ve been given a list of fantastic performances to expand your experience so you can truly judge MBJ as an actor. Again, if you choose to stay ignorant, that’s all on you, and like most people on the internet, it seems likely you will stay hard-headed and choose ignorance.

          • flavortang

            I don’t really care. lol Not a fan of the guy’s and don’t care to be.

          • JMMagwood

            The internet breeds brick walls. I think it’s partially responsible for much of the strife in our culture currently.

            I haven’t seen you around much lately. What did you think of “BvS”?

          • Wasn’t sure after seeing it.

            Thought about it some… and I realize that so many critics completely missed the entire point of the film.

            It’s the story of Batman’s redemption through Superman’s sacrifice.

            When he talks about “20 years in Gotham…” he’s talking about himself. He’s no longer a good guy. The Joker killing Jason Todd ruined him.

            Critics like even some of my favorites who kept on saying Batman murders criminals are not technically correct. He doesn’t care about the collateral damage, that’s true. That’s the cruel man Alfred sees. He no longer cares if criminals live or die, but he’s not killing them directly. Still… it’s more like Miller’s Batman and less like the real Batman.

            But at the end, when he says, “Men are still good,” and he apologized for failing Clark in life, but he won’t in death, it means the real Batman is back.

            There are narrative issues in the film. It’s not perfect. A simple addition to one of the conversations between Bruce & Alfred where, like in a Marvel film, they make it 100% clear through exposition exactly what happened to Robin, who killed him, and then how it changed Batman into a dark vigilante who doesn’t care about criminal collateral damage would’ve cleared up so much. Snyder went for something more subtle, but so many people, including critics, are used to the Marvel/Diseny model where everything is explained and there is not a whole lot of subtlety, including in the great Marvel/Disney films. So yeah, it’s not perfect.

            But nor is it as bad as many critic made it out to be. In fact, I think there was a bit of a mob mentality with the critics that bulldozed, and that is DC/WB’s fault. Marvel/Disney are aces when it comes to making sure the vast majority of critics see their film on the same day at the same time. So no reviews are unduly influenced by other reviews. DC/WB was stupid, because you can definitely tell many of the reviews were influenced by the early reviews.

            So… BvS is good, not great. And yes, that is a disappointment to me because I wanted it to be as great as Man of Steel. But it’s a film I will revisit often. Let’s call it as good as both Thor films, when I wanted it to be as good as The Winter Soldier.

          • JMMagwood

            Lots of good stuff there, especially about Batman’s arc, which was the best part of the movie. I liked “BvS” more than you did, I think, but I also recognize some of shortcomings. I thought it was a great movie, but there are definitely many instances where Snyder went for subtlety that were clearly lost on many.

            If we want the DCEU to succeed, it needs to appeal to the widest audience possible. Although “BvS” is a great movie for old DC diehards like me, I can see how it might not fire the imagination of many 10 or 12 year old boys and girls. The box office has been respectable, especially world wide, but WB left a lot of money behind with this slightly insular approach.

            The critical reaction was a complete joke, but Warners, and plenty of other companies need to emulate what Disney does that works so well. How they handle critic screenings is one of many.

          • JMMagwood

            I couldn’t agree more with all of the above. Jordan is one of the finest young actors out there. He was even good in the incredibly flawed “Fantastic Four,” though he had little material to work with.

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    • Nix

      I do recall reading somewhere that MBJ auditioned for Cyborg but had to decline due to his commitment as Human Torch. I’m quite sad that didn’t work out too well, I didn’t mind him as Johnny Storm. Hope he gets a nother shot at a superhero if that’s what he wants

      • wat

        I’m 99.9% sure that was a rumor like most reports involving the DCEU. Remember the reports of Denzel Washington being eyed for John Stewart for BvS around two years ago? Haha. But yeah I hope he gets another hero again as well. He’s definitely leading man material.


    Dean Ambrose as Guy Gardner. Take a lk at him

  • Darthmanwe

    I’m still thinking that Damon would make a better Oliver Queen than Hal Jordan.

    • flavortang

      I could see that.

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  • RCJ

    I love Michael Ealy. The show was ok, but i watch the full season of Being Human and he stood out. In fact, I almost wanted to see him translate his part into Cyborg . . . but he is an older performer. I’d love him as Stewart.

    I know its cliche, but I’m surprised Idris Elba isn’t on the list for Stewart. He’d be my first option. To me, that sort of goes hand in hand with the Fillion casting as Jordan.

    I’m coming around to Matt Damon as Jordan. Jordan needs to be some variation on Captain Kirk – Han Solo. Humorous, charismatic, a bit of a rogue. I thought Chris Pine was the perfect choice for that role. As it is, Damon has gravitas to play an older experienced Jordan and he also has shown that nature in some comedic films. Problem is I’ve always seen it paired with Affleck. Obviously we don’t want Affleck doing Affleck as Batman across from Damon. I’m concerned how that would work.

    I want to see Gardner, I think they have to have him in somewhere and at some point they have to recreate the punch. I’ve always thought they need to do some sort of JLI film that has the second tier comedy heroes. I’d be flexible, it wouldn’t have to be named Justice League International. Maybe you could just poach the name Outsiders for the team. But the lineup would be Beetle, Booster, Fire, Ice, and Gardner. I thought it would be interesting if the Guardians placed limits on Gardner.

    Anyway, SWS casting as Gardner would be interesting.

  • David de Villiers

    This list is so wrong…