10 Anime Properties Hollywood Should Tackle Next

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Japan has been a driving force in the world of technology and gaming, but is also known for their animation. Anime series and films have become popular worldwide. Shows like Naruto and DragonBall Z are household names throughout the world. This popularity has carried over and gotten the attention of Hollywood with the occasional dip into these popular properties. The influence of anime is seen throughout Hollywood productions, but most notably in the hit franchise, The Matrix. While it is a challenging endeavor to adapt anime there have been attempts to do so, including Netflix’s Death Note Film as well as the live-action Ghost in the Shell. It’s an interesting time to look over how Hollywood adapts anime and which ones deserve to be given an American treatment.

Here are 10 anime properties that Hollywood should tackle next

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Darthmanwe

    One Punch Man is a parody. An absurd, egregious one at that. It being made into a movie doesn’t make any sense, because

    a) that’s been done already, Deadpool,

    b) the story is about a non-progression hero that is as boring as possible BY DESIGN.

    It cannot, and should not be made into a movie.

  • Maxi Iroh

    There are some great anime on this list, but that doesn’t mean they should be adapted to a Hollywood movie though, OPM, Pokemon, Sailor Moon are examples of properties that should never even be mentioned when talking about anime which would work as an western film or if it could be made into one, like ever, wanting to make a OPM film is like Gintama, WHO THE FU** COULD MAKE THAT WORK?

    I don’t understand why people clamor so much for some anime/manga to be adapted to live action, Death Note already has a great anime that you can watch if you don’t like reading manga, or reading at all with the dub, Ghost in the Shell has a great movie and two seasons of SAC that flesh out the characters really well, sh*t, my favorite GitS character is Togusa, does anyone who only watched the new film know who Togusa is? Why would someone want a live action version other than to make money out of the fan base?