Comics That Could Inspire Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

10. The Judas Contract

The Judas Contract, written by Deathstroke creator Marv Wolfman, is probably the mercenary’s most famous storyline. The comic saw Deathstroke take on the Teen Titans by planting a saboteur within their midst. Using the information gleaned from his spy, Deathstroke targets each of the Titans within their homes, taking them out one by one.

Though the Teen Titans element would obviously have to be removed, the basic structure of this story could easily be utilized, replacing the Titans with the Bat family. If Nightwing and Batgirl are to play a part in the story, what better way than to make them targets of Deathstroke’s wrath? Commissioner Gordon and Alfred could become targets too.

Targeting Batman’s family would be incredibly damaging, especially considering one of his Robins was murdered. This kind of round-up would reopen a barely closed wound, and would surely make Batman hungry for Deathstroke’s blood.

Deathstroke undermining Batman would be an incredibly effective way to deconstruct Batman’s seeming invulnerability. Batman almost never lets his enemies get the upper hand. But if the structure of Judas Contract is to be used, then Deathstroke will be infiltrating Wayne Enterprises, Wayne Manor and perhaps even the Batcave itself. Deathstroke uncovering every aspect of Bruce Wayne’s secret would unleash Batman’s savage fury, making for one hell of a conflict.

This kind of structure would also allow Nightwing, Batgirl and Alfred to play roles in the film, without overwhelming it. If they’re targeted and kidnapped within the film’s first hour, it will allow the story to remain firmly focused on Batman as he tries to find them and hunt down Deathstroke. The film could then hone in on Batman’s detective skills, an aspect of the Dark Knight’s skill set that has been grossly underutilized in the movies.

Even though Batman doesn’t appear anywhere in the comic, The Judas Contract could easily become the backbone of an engaging and suspenseful Batman film.