Cosmic Heroes We Want To See In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy…

10. Howard the Duck

Howard The Duck

Starting off with a silly one…

Many fans remember Howard the Duck from his terrible George Lucas-produced 1986 film, which also starred Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones and Tim Robbins. Those very same fans (because it’s doubtful anyone else knew who he was) were left with their mouths agape when the credits finished rolling on Guardians of the Galaxy and the post-credits scene began, which saw Howard once again gracing the big screen, this time voiced by Seth Green. The fact that James Gunn had the guts to put him in there was impressive. However, while the character has become a joke in the years since his 1986 film, his appearance in the film, while funny in the way he’s used, was not a joke at the character’s expense. Gunn definitely loves these types of characters and that’s pretty great.

The strange fact of the matter is that Howard the Duck actually grew in popularity following his appearance in the film. Many fans even questioned whether the cameo meant that he would be getting another solo movie, this one as part of the MCU. He didn’t, but he actually did get another solo comic series, his first in a number of years, which saw him become a private investigator in New York City. Perhaps another film appearance (I’m not saying make him a member of the team, another cameo will do fine) will just continue to raise the profile of what is truly one of Marvel’s strangest characters.