10 Directors Who Should Get Their Own Superhero Movies


With more than 30 superhero films coming out or in development over the next 4 years, this genre is here to stay. Superheroes could be considered our modern myths, and it’s great that we now have the technology to accurately showcase our favorite comic book characters and their complicated (and sometimes uncomplicated) storylines. There have been some detractors saying that this genre is a fad and will go the way of the Western sooner or later, but for the most part, superhero films have become a dominant force in pop culture (certainly box office-wise).

In addition to enlisting the A-list stars, superhero movies also need A-list directors. Sure, there have been some directors who would not direct a superhero movie, either because it’s not their thing, or because they have already made their own version of a superhero movie and don’t have the interest. However, there are many directors who are dipping their toes in the superhero pool. Such names as Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, Zack Snyder, Shane Black, James Gunn, Alan Taylor, Peyton Reed, James Wan, Scott Derrickson, and Joss Whedon have padded their resumes making box office magic in their films.

With so many upcoming superhero movies, there’s plenty of room for new directors to enter the genre and put their mark on it. Here are a few directors who most certainly could make a superhero movie.  Sound off your choices in the comments.


Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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    My top pick would be Gareth Evans directing a superhero movie. Give him a property like Nightwing and just let him do his thing. And, since it’s a DC movie, they can make the theatrical release PG-13 and then release an unrated version on Blu-Ray.

  • flavortang

    George Miller on New Gods or Lobo, Gareth Edwards on GL Corps, Gareth Evans on Deadshot, Famuyiwa on Cyborg, Garland on Titans, DuVernay on Vixen.

    • Maxi Iroh

      Even though it’s in development, i doubt DC will make a Deadshot or Cyborg film, and Vixen has a long way to go before making an appearance.

  • Maxi Iroh

    Great list, Gareth Edwards is one i wouldn’t want directing a superhero film, because i don’t like his films very much, F.Gary Grey is the total opposite, i think he shouldn’t be involved with these types of films like Fast and Furious, just like James Cameron.


    Pretty sure Cameron has said he has no interest in making Superhero films, so not sure why his name is even on this list.