10 Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Films

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Female Superheroes Deserve FilmsSuperheroes hold immense importance within popular culture. Whether it be within the context of their fictional universe or from the inspiration they offer to real life individuals they hold so much power and can be forces of pure good. Films based on these comic characters have even more potential to reach many more people and inspire those who need it. So it is surprising with the recent constant trend of big superhero movies that until Wonder Woman we have yet to see a female-led superhero film. The recent news of Joss Whedon tackling Batgirl has brought up the discussion lack of gender diversity for solo films so far and to go along with this it’s a perfect time to look at a few female superheroes who deserve their own projects.

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Nathan_12thMan

    She-Hulk: Should be a TV-MA HBO/Netflix/FX/Showtime/STARZ series (~3 seasons, 6-10 eps per) about female empowerment with a strong pro-sex message. A lawyer who is shy but when she she-hulks out her inhibitions are removed resulting in a female-power fantasy. Being strong, not taking sh*t from anyone (esp men), being stronger than almost everyone, being super hot, being adventurous sexually, etc. Then the arc Jennifer liking being the She-Hulk (unlike Bruce who hates being Hulk) and her wanting to stay as the She-Hulk, eventually doing so. Lastly at the end of the first episode I’d have her get into an accident and the hospital have access (for w/e reason written) to Banner’s blood (but it’s tainted by being the Hulk), or have Ruffalo cameo and give a transfusion.

    Power-Girl: Eh, I haven’t read enough to know if she has enough material to be an actual lead in a movie or a series. I don’t think the media and women would react well to the character, but IMO they’d be wrong. Yes she is big busted and shows off her skin but she asks what’s wrong with that. She is a female superhero that says “whats wrong with being big chested? what is wrong with showing off what I have? If you say cover up how are you a feminist? How aren’t you body shaming me? How aren’t you trying to control what I do/show?”

    Rogue: Eh, she is still pretty fresh on fans minds. I would make a ‘Gambit’ movie and introduce Rogue then if it was a hit I’d make a ‘Gambit & Rogue’ movie next. But I don’t know if she has the stuff to headline her own movie.

    Black Widow: She could have her own movie, easily, but Black Widow (an assassin) movie in the MCU doesn’t interest me. The MCU is too polished, too bright, too pure, too child friendly. Black Widow deserves a mini-series (3 90min episodes) on Netflix. She deserves to go full out, with a Bourne Identity/John Wick/Salt/Daredevil tone. TV-MA for violence and adult themes. But I don’t think they’d do that because it would make fans question which Black Widow is the real one, the PG one in the MCU or the TV-MA one in the MNU.

    Storm: Yes. She has the material, the screen presence, the uniqueness of story and powers to pull off her own movie. A Storm movie could be an amazing story in Africa with an all (or heavy majority) black cast (like Black Panther) about Storm as a young woman discovering her powers or as an adult in full control of her powers.

    Starfire: Meh, don’t know enough but from everything I’ve ever seen she isn’t a leading character with the material to headline her own movie.

    Black Canary: Yet another character (like Rogue) who goes best with her counter-part. I wouldn’t really want a Green Arrow movie that is just GA, and in a similar way I wouldn’t want a BC movie that is just BC. Why not ‘The Green Arrow & Black Canary’? Or ‘The Green Arrow’ heavily featuring BC and then she spins off into a ‘Gotham City Sirens’ or ‘Birds of Prey’ movie?

    Hawk-Girl: Again, don’t think a movie with Hawk-Girl and no Hawkman makes sense.

    Zatanna: Again, don’t know a ton but everything I’ve seen says she fits better in a team as a supporting character, like in ‘Justice League Dark’.

    Raven: Yes. Everything I have seen and read tells me she could be a leading character in a movie or series. She has a interesting, substantial backstory that would be interesting and fun to watch.

    • KayD

      Giving She Hulk a TV show where she can’t even interact with her cousin or actual Avengers makes very little sense to me. The Netflix Marvel shows are focused on low level characters with “smaller” powers putting She Hulk there makes no sense. As for Black Widow you can do Gritty without it having to be overly violent. A TV show for her also makes no sense when she’s already in the film world. Also, 2 of the films you listed that it should have the same “tone” as Bourne & Salt are both PG-13. Black Widow does not need to be R rated or MA. This NEED for films to have unnecessary gore is just weird to me. The Bourne franchise & James Bond have been doing spy PG-13 fine for years!!

  • Maxi Iroh

    1- no 2- no 3- no 4- no 5- no 6- no 7- no 8- no 9- no 10- no
    SheHulk- Netflix/series
    PowerGirl- and Huntress
    Raven- Teen Titans
    Black Canary- Green Arrow
    Zatanna- JLDark