‘Godzilla’ Kaiju That Need To Be In The MonsterVerse

10. Anguirus

  • DebutGodzilla Raids Again (1955)
  • Who he is: A mutant Anklyosaur who awoke from hibernation following nuclear testing. Anguirus served as an enemy to Godzilla before becoming one of his most prominent allies. While Anguirus doesn’t have any special abilities like Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, he is able to curl up into a ball and roll into the enemy with a destructive body slam attack.
  • What he’d add to the MonsterVerse: Anguirus was the very first kaiju that Godzilla ever fought, so his current absence from the setting is rather surprising. Anguirus – while missing any of the special abilities that most of the other giant monsters have – is a vicious opponent who can hold his own. One of his biggest claims to fame is that he was able to make the incredibly powerful King Ghidorah bleed, becoming the first kaiju to accomplish such a feat. Alternately, he could make for a good opponent for King Kong to fight on equal footing since, unless they bring the random electricity powers that Toho gave him in their movies, the great ape won’t have any special abilities of his own. The character also has a significant fanbase in the United States, and as such could be helpful for bringing American – and possibly even foreign audiences – into theaters.

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