10 Reasons Behind The ‘Aquaman’ Hype

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If I went back in time five or 10 years and told myself that Black Panther and Aquaman would be my most anticipated superhero movies of 2018, I would have said, “Ahhhh!” because time traveling is freaky. But I would also have been quite surprised about the movies, too. The former I knew only in passing and the latter by the frequent jokes made about him. We here at Heroic Hollywood previously talked about what got us most excited about Black Panther. But we haven’t yet talked about the positive developments behind-the-scenes of Aquaman that have turned the film into an unexpectedly-anticipated blockbuster.

Aquaman is the next DCEU ready for production, gearing up for filming to begin in April in Australia. Of course, the character played by Jason Momoa, a Hawaiian of mixed descent, has already debuted in video and photographs in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad respectively. The king of Atlantis gets his proper introduction in Justice League, coming this November. But its his solo feature, directed by James Wan, that has really grabbed my imagination. The superhero’s story intertwines many great comic book and genre tropes, from the Shakespearan family drama to civilizational clashes to the tragic origin stories. He’s is the first big-screen water superhero. As fascinating as space is, I can’t help but be as fascinated more by the mysterious blue depths.

Here are 10 reasons the growing hype behind Aquaman is real. Click Next to start!

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Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • “He’s is the first big-screen water superhero.”

    I thought the Mariner from “Waterworld” held that title?

    The Mariner
    (played by Kevin Costner)

  • Axxell

    I’m not sure the cast is really a plus here…starting with Momoa, who hasn’t done much of anything with his opportunity since he died in GoT Season 1. It might be interesting for creating new concepts for an underwater adventure, but every day that passes, I’m less enthused about it.

    • Shut your fly trap Marveltard, think about Chris Evans when he did TFA or Hemsworth on Thor, they had zero star power. Neither does Boseman, he did that trash Egypt film.

      • Axxell

        Wow…Triggered much? The only one who wasn’t well known when he started was Hemsworth, and he’s gone on to grab just as many roles in less time than Momoa has, even counting out the MCU ones (you shouldn’t talk about “trash” when defending Momoa…did you forget Conan? Of course you did…)

    • Kelly

      Which GOT alumn has done better, Momoa or Finn?
      I’d say Momoa has the larger fanbase.

      • Axxell

        Are we talking TV actors or are we talking about movie stars?


    This is an awesome article. Thanx Sam.

  • EasyThere Pilgrim

    Everything seems to be coming together swimmingly for this movie. It’s my most anticipated superhero movie by far.