10 Reasons To Be Pumped For ‘Captain Marvel’

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captain marvelIt’s a good time to be Captain Marvel.

She is one of Marvel’s hottest characters right now, with her own title, as well as features in various Avengers titles. She was even just the lead character in Marvel’s Civil War 2 event, meaning it’s about time she got her own movie. With Brie Larson set to play the heroine in a new Marvel Studios’ film and the search for a woman director ongoing, now news has hit that Captain Marvel will start shooting in January.

While there are still a lot of things up in the air about the movie, a director hasn’t even been announced yet, things are shaping up well. Nicole Perlman, who penned Guardians of the Galaxy, was tapped to write the screenplay for Captain Marvel, so I’m expecting great things.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for Captain Marvel to join the MCU. Did I forget yours? Well, let me know in the comments why you think it will or won’t be a good movie. Hit Next to find out the ten reasons you should be pumped for Captain Marvel.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Darthmanwe

    After seeing Kong, I have doubts. I really hope Brie Larson isn’t another Natalie Portman, i.e. “locks up in franchise movies, awesome in indies” type of actress.

    • Carl

      After seeing Kong, nothing has changed for me. She was good when she actually had lines but the movie barely gave her anything to do.


    Wow, wtf is this writer even talking about? Another Marvel shill article, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood.
    First off, Captain Marvel’s book has not only been cancelled a half dozen times, but this current volume is tanking hard. It’s currently #97 on the comics sales charts, which means it’ll cancelled in a few more months too.
    CM has no discernible backstory, or any villains to speak of. She is only Marvel’s attempt at pushing to have their own WW. Nobody in the comics fan base particularly likes her. She’s shown herself to be a non-thinking gov’t stooge. A company woman who kills first, & asks Q’s later.
    How is this anyone to b excited for?

  • Nick

    Brie Larson isn’t a great pick, but as Samurai mentioned, the character is pretty lame in the comics anyways. She doesn’t really have any noteworthy stories or villains. I’m wondering why they are propping her up so much, but it’s probably because Fox owns Marvel’s best female characters.