Reasons To Be Pumped For ‘Captain Marvel’

10. Brie Larson

Brie Larson

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and I agree: Brie Larson can act.

The Oscar-winner is no stranger to nerdy movies either. She was in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World back in 2010, 21 Jump Street in 2012, and can now be seen in Kong Skull Island.  I’m excited to see the depth she will bring to the character. Her performance in Room (the role that won her the Best Actress Oscar last year) is emotionally raw and hard to take your eyes off of.

Casting Larson was a coup of Marvel’s. Not only does she have the serious side down, she also has a lot of comedic experience. Her roles in things like 21 Jump Street to The League show just how well she will fit in with the light, sometimes improv-y nature of the MCU. By poaching actors like her, Chadwick Boseman, and Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel is ensuring they will always be stacked with talent whenever Robert Downey, Jr or Chris Evans decide they want to hang up the tights.

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