10 Things We Would Like To See In ‘Avengers 4’

10. Inject Moments of Tension


This film will probably be a direct continuation of Infinity War so I would imagine that stakes would be at an all-time high. The world could be in danger and the characters we love could possibly die. Those are huge issues to deal with and the hope is that it takes itself seriously. Humor is great, but it should be used intelligently and not be used as a major crutch or an easy thing to fall back on. It needs to be thought out and the tension must be palpable. Drama is the key component to such a Universe altering film.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Fenix

    It’d be so awesome if Red Skull was revealed to be alive and living in the cosmos, possibly working with Thanos. Something I’ve said before that they should do that would make opening weekend audiences lose it would be to reveal that Stan Lee’s various cameos have been the watcher in disguise as a human. Stan says one or two lines before revealing his true form as the watcher done using mo cap and another actor playing the watcher in his true form.

  • The HSX Dude

    “there has not been any mention of the shows having ramifications in the films whatsoever”

    You don’t remember the hellicarrier in Avengers 2? In tv’s Agents Of SHIELD, Phil Coulson is acting suspicious, taking random secret trips and the rest of the team gets suspicious and starts investigating what he is doing and it is revealed that is transferring massive amounts of funds all around the world… he is confronted and reveals that rebuilding the hellicarrier that Nick Fury used in Avengers 2 was what he was doing. It was called The Theta Protocol. It was a big plot point in Agents Of SHIELD. It saved the day in Avengers 2.

    • SAMURAI36

      LMAO, this is the sword you wish to fall on?