15 DC Characters We Might See In The ‘Birds Of Prey’ Movie


A Birds of Prey movie is actually happening, and we finally know a few things about it aside from the fact that Harley Quinn is involved (to the point of this originally being considered her spinoff movie).

As TheWrap recently reported, screenwriter Christina Hodson has been tapped for the Warner Bros. film, and it’s in the early stages of preproduction. Also, the rumors are true that Margot Robbie will be producing the movie in addition to reprising her role.

Of course, Harley Quinn is not a member of the Birds of Prey, a mostly female superhero team that’s been fluctuating in popularity since it came out in the mid-90s (it’s now in the middle of a resurgence thanks to DC Rebirth). Harley Quinn is, however, part of the Gotham City Sirens, who could serve as excellent antagonists to the titular team.

This means that the DCEU can further expand its cinematic universe with characters from all over the comic landscape, as well as serve up some longtime favorites who are integral to the most successful Birds of Prey run of the early 2000s.

Who are these characters we could see in one form or another? Let’s start with the basics. The ones you can’t really do a faithful Birds of Prey movie without…


Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • TheTuckster

    Some great ideas in here, especially about Alfred being involved in a minor role. That would really help with the connectedness of the universe.

    Huntress is personally one of my favourite characters, I’d love to see her involved. Not as the child of Bruce/Selina though. That’s rubbish. Keep her a Bertinelli. It’s where all those great and complicated aspects of her personality come from.

    Oracle? Definitely. I think her being in a wheelchair is a really positive message too, she’s a great character regardless of her disability. Huntress and Oracle should be 100% locks, or they’ve f****d it already.

    Black Canary? It’d be great, but surely you have to have Oliver? I’d be all for it if they did include him though, but they could only do it if they were going to use him properly down the line. With Joker and Alfred, they’re already established, so it’s easy for them to pop up. But Nightwing is the same as Green Arrow. They can’t just pop up in cameos and then never appear again. If you’re gonna use them, you have to USE them!

    If there’s no Dinah, then yeah, stick Katana in. She’d be good, and has already been sort of established (though she didn’t have much to do in Suicide Squad). Could an interesting dynamic between her and Harley.

    As for the villains, just keep it as Harley and Ivy maybe. One, you can’t have too many characters in this thing. Two, Catwoman needs a break. Three, no one cares about the characters towards the tail end of this article.

    • Daniel

      Black Canary is her own superhero she doesn’t need Green Arrow around.

      • TheTuckster

        I agree with you actually, I guess I’m just too much of a Grell Green Arrow fan. If she was in it without GA, it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  • Maxi Iroh

    Black Barda in the Birds of Prey is overkill, but i do hope to see her and Mister Miracle.

  • Marquis DC Sade

    Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of some of these characters in Affleck’s Batman.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    I’d really like to see Katana again in the Birds of Prey alongside Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress. That would be the perfect team for the movie in my opinion if you add anyone else it would be too much