First Photo Of Iddo Goldberg As Red Tornado On ‘Supergirl’

At the beginning of September, it was announced that Salem actor Iddo Goldberg had been cast on the upcoming CBS superhero series, Supergirl, as the DC Comics characters Red Tornado and his villainous creator Dr. T.O. Morrow.

Today, Warner Bros. TV and CBS have released a first official look at Goldberg as the famous android, who will make his live-action debut on Supergirl in the first season.

When initially cast, Warner Bros. TV described the show’s interpretation on the character as followed:

“Red Tornado is the most advanced android the world has ever seen. Designed by scientist T.O. Morrow for the U.S. Army as the ultimate superweapon, he soon becomes sentient, posing a grave danger to National City – including the people Supergirl cares about most.”

While it has not been officially announced yet which episode he will first show up in, expect it to be within the first 9 episodes of the season. Red Tornado is one of many DC Comics characters that have been announced so far that will be showing up on Supergirl, with characters like Livewire, Non, Lucy Lane, Reactron and more, coming as well in season one.

Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist, premieres on Monday October 26 on a special time at 8:30 PM before it goes back to 8 PM the following Monday on CBS. Catch a special preview of the first season during the season 2 premiere of CBS’ Scorpion on Monday at 8/7c.

SOURCE: Warner Bros. TV – Photo Credit: Darren Michaels; © 2015 CBS

(Andy Behbakht)

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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