Steven Spielberg Hints At Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ At Bafta’s Britannia Awards

Harrison Ford was honored with the Albert R Broccoli Britannia award for worldwide contribution to entertainment last night at the 2015 British Academy Britannia Awards held in Beverly Hills.  In a taped speech in honor of Ford, director Steven Spielberg spoken to the actor directly regarding his desire for a fifth Indiana Jones film.

I can’t wait to work with you on Indiana Jones 5. This is not an announcement, just my fervent hope.

While Spielberg made it a point to say that this was not an announcement, it certainly seems like there is a strong possibility of it happening.  If Spielberg wants to do something, there is a good chance it gets done.  

Rumors have surrounded a fifth Indiana Jones film recently, and this will only add fuel to the rumor-mill fire.  

Ford accepted his award from Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams.  In his acceptance speech, Ford didn’t address Spielberg’s hope, instead remained humble and thanked everyone who took part in a filmed tribute to him, including George Lucas and Carrie Fisher.

I really wanted to be an actor because I could not imagine myself having a real job and I thought it would be nice to live the lives of many other people, to tell stories, to share emotion,” Ford said. “Film has given power, grace, imagination and wisdom to things I have had that opportunity to do. I am very grateful for the life I have had … I’m humbled.

Fans and critics alike have been hoping for another Indiana Jones film since the critical panned, albeit financially successful, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull in 2008`.  While this is the film that gave us the modern day ‘jumping the shark’ in the form of ‘nuke the fridge’, it did bring in $786,636,033 worldwide.  Given the franchise’s success, it’s understandable that LucasFilms, now owned by Disney, would want to continue Indy’s adventures.

Are you hoping Ford and Spielberg bring Indy back for another round?

Source: The Guardian

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