20 ‘Iron Fist’ Easter Eggs & References To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

20. The Incident

The Incident

New York is still reeling from the Chitauri attack and The Avengers coming to save the day. Throughout the series, there are a few references to “The Incident.” Why they are still calling it The Incident remains to be seen. They could say something like “the alien attack,” but for now it looks like that’s a trademarked saying for these shows. People live in a “post-incident” world as they constantly reference how life has changed since that event.

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Khalil Johnson

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  • Jason Scarpelli

    There’s no next button…..again. Oh well, I’ll check out the easter eggs on youtube which is quicker than clicking through 20 pages that can be made into like mostly 2

  • “Bakuto runs The Hand more like a business instead of a cult”

    I think you have that backwards, my dude.

  • Antonio Giunta

    In italiano traslation mentioned Spiderman and not Daredevil