20 Defining Quotes From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Page 1 - Here are the top 20 quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe from various movies and tv shows for our favorite MCU. characters

Since 2008’s Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been slowly building itself to become the empire it is today and now has eclipsed many other franchises to become a powerhouse blockbuster machine it is today. With more than 9 years of movies and TV shows under their fold, the MCU has more than enough dialogue for their properties. Most of them have been fun, full of quips, and very entertaining. With such characters as Tony Stark, Peter Quill, Scott Lang, and countless others, there’s plenty of room for some great scenery-chewing dialogue.

We here at Heroic Hollywood wanted to take a look at the various MCU films and television shows that have provided us with numerous quotes throughout their years. Here are a few of some of the top MCU quotes. Click Next to see…


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