2017 Was The Biggest Year In Horror History Thanks To ‘IT’ & ‘Get Out’

Stephen King It Pennywise IMAX2017 was the biggest year in Horror history, thanks to films like IT and Get Out. Horror films have always drawn audiences to the theatres, thanks to their hype and curiosity factor, but this year was something truly special for the genre.

The New York Times reported on the story, using Box Office Mojo to confirm that horror films have accounted for $733 million in ticket sales just this year alone. October has always been a safe-haven for horror films, so that number will more than likely rise, thanks to the success of Happy Death Day and Jigsaw.

IT and Get Out rank as the most profitable horror films of the year, with the former making over $300 million, and with the latter making over $175 million.

Other horror films that added to this year’s legendary box-office haul include Split and Annabelle: Creation, which both made over $100 million at the box office.

2017 hasn’t been the year at the box office, with ticket sales at a considerable low, with the only known-quantities being superhero films, but it’s clear that audiences will always return to the cinemas to get a fresh scare.

What was your favorite horror movie from 2017? Comment below and let us know!

Source: The New York Times , Box Office Mojo

The 10 Movie Trailers With The Most Views In 24 Hours, Ranked

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Transformers Spider-Man It Movie PennywiseNot all trailers are created equal. Some give away too many plot points while some don’t reveal enough. Some only earn a couple thousand views in their lifetime, while others earn up to 197 million views in just 24 hours. At this point, trailers have become an art form in themselves as they sell the movie to audiences who have thousands of different entertainment projects competing for their attention. To win the public’s attention, studios often spend big money on marketing campaigns designed to draw as many eyes onto a franchise as possible.

Heroic Hollywood has gathered the ten trailers that generated the most views in their 24 hours and ranked them from worst to best. Just because a trailer is on the top ten doesn’t mean that it’s good (the same applies for the movies mentioned in this list), it just means it succeeded in capturing the attention of the world for a moment. In the dog-eat-dog world that is the entertainment industry, if you aren’t able to generate buzz around your product months before it’s even released, then you’re doing something wrong.

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