Disney In Preliminary Talks To Buy 21st Century Fox

The Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men Stan Lee Fox DisneyCNBC is reporting that part of 21st Century Fox — a multinational media corporation and the parent company of 20th Century Fox — may be up for sale to the Walt Disney Company. Discussions have occurred in the past few weeks that have suggested that Fox’s surprising move has a lot to do with their rumored plans to restructure their company into one that is focused less on creating entertainment and more on remaining dedicated to delivering focused content related to news and sports.

Fox is under the impression that they won’t be able to acquire intellectual property in the same sort of way that companies like Disney and Warner Brothers can, and that media should be their top priority. As such, this sale would not result in all of Fox turning into a subsidiary of Disney, as the news and sports divisions would still remain with Rupert Murdoch’s company, but it would lead to Disney obtaining several of Fox’s intellectual properties on film and television.

Should this happen, this could raise the possibility that the Avengers (owned by Disney), the X-Men and the Fantastic Four (licensed to Fox), and Spider-Man (licensed to Sony) could all fight alongside one another in a single shared universe. In addition, it would also mean that Disney would finally get the distribution rights to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which are at Fox indefinitely. Having Fox’s movie division could also present the company with an opportunity to allow Disney to explore more adult-oriented franchises without compromising the Disney brand as being family-friendly.

As of right now, it should be noted that a deal is far from imminent, as the two companies are not currently engaged in discussions as of right now (although talks may resume at any time). And should such a purchase occur, this would likely mean that this process would take years to fully take effect, so it’s not like all the X-Men movies that are in development will suddenly get canned, or that Marvel will drop their Post-Phase 3 plans in favor of fast-tracking another Fantastic Four reboot. Given the current legal questions regarding Warner Bros. and AT&T’s planned merger, the similar size to this potential purchase is bound to raise a lot of questions about monopoly laws, so that could potentially complicate matters down the road.

Source: CNBC

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  • Hector C

    Even though this isn’t official, you guys are still breaking news quicker than Superherohype….keep up the good work!

    • KungFuCthulhu

      Right, which is why I used the term “preliminary” in the headline. Still, fascinating turn of events if this ends up happening.

      – Grant

      • Hector C

        It sure is Grant! I will be great to see Dr. Doom show off his full power against The Avengers, Black Panther and Storm together, Wolverine join the crew, the list goes on.

        • Brodie Marschall

          Yeah, and if it becomes officially confirmed, this is gonna be Disney’s biggest deal yet because all of Fox’s franchises like the X-Files, Ice Age and Planet of the Apes would be inducted into Disney’s list of properties to develop. It’d be great if they had references to Fox movies in future MCU movies.