Upcoming TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2017


2016 has been a dumpster fire in so many ways (there’s a reason this meme defines the year), it’s nice to remember, as far as storytelling is concerned, we’ve never seen TV this exciting*, with the likes of The Night OfStranger Things, and Atlanta grabbing people and refusing to let go.

*At the same time, there’s something vaguely dystopic about watching TV while hair-pulling events like the U.S. presidential election slow-march to our doors like a zombie in the background, but, hey, opiate of the masses and all that. 

With only two more months of 2016 to go, let’s look forward. 2017 promises to be another banner year for televised storytelling and I compiled 22 upcoming shows with a genre or action bent that I think will be worth checking out in the new year.

Click Next to scroll through the gallery. The shows on the list is ordered by their, in some cases assumed, release dates


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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    Wow, I clicked thru this entire list, and it’s funny how you listed some of the most obscure shows that not only will most of them be cancelled after the first season, but you totally dismissed 2 DCTV shows that are slated to air on 2017.

    Powerless. Krypton, and Black Lightning.

    I swear, the DC bias on this site continues to grow.

    • Axxell

      Funny because those shows are more likely to be cancelled than anything else on the list…