5 Best Batman Moments Of The DCEU So Far

5. Batman Saves Harley

Batman Harley Best Moments

While this is certainly not the main aspect of Suicide Squad, Batman’s appearance in the film was a welcome sight. We got to see a really fun flashback to when Harley was captured. After a long car chase with the Joker and Harley, they eventually crash into water. Batman dives into the water after them, but Joker is gone and Harley is there still trying to fight Bruce as he knocks her out to subdue her. He takes her up and gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation. One of the reasons why this moment in particular works so well is because throughout the course of Batman V. Superman, Bruce has no qualms over killing. It’s an issue that I had with this version, but this scene shows his return to saving people, even those who don’t necessarily deserve it. This is a return to the more familiar code of Batman and that deserves recognition.

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    Loved this Batman. Like a literal knight who has fallen from chivalry, and it was Superman’s King Arthur-like role in BvS, that reminded Bruce Wayne’s Lancelot-esque Batman of the virtues of chivalry and honor.

    Don’t forget that training sequence. Never seen Bruce Wayne get down and dirty with the strength training in the Batcave on film before. It was intense and really cool showing intercutting the scenes of him forging the kryptonite spear.

    Can’t wait to see him Daddy up for Justice League and smack some parademons around.

  • Those five are all great. And say what you will about “Martha” (to me saying “Martha” works only if it is intentionally said to elicit the reaction that it has), but the Batman’s fight against Superman is epic. Honorable mention to the opening scene ending with Bruce running full tilt like a boss toward a building collapse, and saving a little girl.