5 Marvel Video Games We Would Love To See Get Made

5. Another M Rated Wolverine Action game

Wolverine Game

When X-Men Origins Wolverine was released it was widely considered a failure with poor critical reviews, but surprisingly the tie-in game that was released alongside it was actually really fun. It gave the character an M rating and allowed the action to be fast as well as the gore to be intense. Which is what set that game apart as one of the few, good movie tie in games. I think that another M rated wolverine game should be made, but not specifically tied to any movie.  An original story with similar controls and the same level of carnage could really be a highly entertaining ride for fans of the character. They could also have cameo appearances from other Marvel characters including a character that got his own game a few years ago, Deadpool. This could be a great idea seeing as Logan is being released and the R rated nature of that film will cause a rise in popularity for the already popular character.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Seb

    I’d like a third person Punisher with an emphasis on planning and strategy. Quietly take out patrolling guards, place claymores, stash weaponry for later use, disable alarms, etc. Frank’s highly trained and methodical, I’d like his game to reflect that rather than just going in guns blazing.

    • SAMURAI36

      So, you want an Arkham game?

      • Seb

        I was thinking more Hitman, level based would work better than an open world for Punisher imo

        • SAMURAI36

          Does Punisher have enough villains for something like that? Fighting the same generic mobster would get old really quick.

          Part of Punisher’s problem (as well as a lot of Marvel’s B/C-list characters), is that he doesn’t have a diverse variety of villains gallery.

          There’s just not enough street punks & mobsters to keep a game interesting, unless they go the typical Marvel route, & have him fighting Spidey, DD, or some other hero. Then it just becomes Silly War all over again.

  • Neoxon

    Uhh, Marvel’s been basically ignoring the X-Men in terms of non-comic stuff.

  • Axxell

    I’d like a sequel to Captain America Super Soldier, if they can just make it more story driven; kinda like a Metal Gear, if you will.

  • Arminds’ copy of Swank

    Disney won’t allow any X-Men games, despite controlling the rights and profits exclusively for this medium.