5 Reasons I’m Excited For Kevin Smith To Direct ‘The Flash’

the flash

Kevin Smith knows what makes ‘The Flash’ great.

Kevin Smith was a ‘Flash’ fan first. He has rarely showed much interest lately in directing anything that isn’t 100% his own creation, but this changed him. He watched a show, become a fan, and now, he’s directing it as a fan. This will be an episode that will remind us, hopefully subtly, why we love Barry, Cisco, Iris, Caitlin, Harry, Joe, Wally, and even Zoom. Because the person directing loves these characters. Even better, he’s shown restraint. Many people don’t know, but in a 2000 interview with Ain’t It Cool News, he reveals that he was once offered to write a Green Lantern movie, but he turned it down: “I’m sure there are people out there who are massive fans and who really know a lot about the character. Maybe those are they guys you should be going after and not me.” He knew he wasn’t going to be passionate about it, but this time’s different. Like it did for many of us, ‘The Flash’ made him care deeply about this formerly B-list comic book character.

Alex Ward

Alex Ward

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