5 Reasons I’m Excited For Kevin Smith To Direct ‘The Flash’

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He strives for ambition, creativity, and progression

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After following Kevin Smith on social media for a while, and especially after hearing his crowd interactions on shows like Hollywood Babble-On, it’s become pretty clear that Kevin Smith has had a spiritual awakening in the years since his “downfall” from A-list-hood. His MO is quite simple: if you like something, do it; pursue it, and don’t listen to what other people say. It sounds like simple advice, but sometimes it’s all we need to give us that little “push” to pursue our creative ambitions. He usually offers this advice to those attempting their own podcast or YouTube channel, but, oddly enough, it applies to ‘The Flash’. These CW superhero shows wouldn’t be nearly as popular if their writers and directors didn’t take risks with casting, character beats, and taking big, often ridiculous moments directly from the comics. But most of all? Kevin Smith believes in moving forward, progressing beyond your failures. And after a decidedly less cohesive season than Season 1, ‘The Flash’ needs to start taking these characters to new and exciting places and pushing them in new and exciting ways. Kevin Smith knows this, and ‘The Flash’ will only benefit from having him onboard.

Alex Ward

Alex Ward

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