Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Possibility Of Quicksilver Return


Dead doesn’t mean dead in a Marvel movie unless you’re Uncle Ben, so the saying goes. Fans of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s interpretation of super fast Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron are hoping this statement holds true. While Quicksilver, not always a heroic figure in that movie, died saving Hawkeye, many people have believed that Taylor-Johnson could reprise his role as one-half of the Maximum twins in a future MCU film, potentially Avengers: Infinity War. When asked by Metro.co.uk whether he would be up for reprising his role in a future Marvel film, Taylor-Johnson had a very simple answer.

 ‘Yeah, absolutely.’

Are your hopes up now? Well, sorry to be the one to bring them quickly back down, but Taylor-Johnson quickly added to his comment:

‘I don’t have any knowledge I could share with you if did.’

So, while we have no more clues as to whether Quicksilver will return to the MCU, at least we know the actor who plays the character is more than willing to return to the role.

Do you want to see Quicksilver return to the MCU? Did you enjoy Taylor-Johnson’s performance in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Sound off in the comments section below?

Source: MCU Exchange

Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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  • Bill

    Hahahahahahahahaha no thank you

  • AlphaBlu

    No. Death has to mean something in the MCU. Everyone always comes back. Quicksilver has to stay dead.

    • Steve Steve

      Death means nothing in comic books. Death means nothing in comic book movies. It will not change, and I don’t understand why folks (like yourself) keep harping on the subject.

      • Justin Jules

        Does Jean Grey hold the record for being dead the longest lol

        • Armando Filgueiras

          Uncle Ben

          • Justin Jules

            I meant in the sense of being dead and resurrected.

          • Matias Gagliardone

            I think Red Hood was probably dead longer, at least in real time, but I’m not completely sure

    • Axxell

      First off, let’s stop exaggerating…”everyone always comes back”? No.

      Second, this is a universe where dead people have their own realm, where there’s a relic that can manipulate reality, and death itself has a physical avatar. And if you think that takes all the “meaning” out of death, then you don’t read comics, period.

      • AlphaBlu

        1. These aren’t comics. They’re movies. They have to cater to more than just hardcore comic fans, and for that reason the same things that happen in comics cannot happen in movies. Restoring the status quo at the end of each film (or by the next film) will eventually get tiring.

        2. I’m not talking about all the wonderful items and magic and stuff that can bring people up. I’m talking from a pure movie narrative perspective.

        I mean in the most recent movie (discounting Dr. Strange, ’cause not everyone’s seen that yet) we get a drawn out fight between most of the superheroes around and the worst that comes from it is War Machine gets his back broken… and is almost fine by the end of the film.

        They can’t always come back. There have to be lasting consequences otherwise there are no stakes.

        • Grant McCollister

          You guys are so cute. One person (three if you count Cap and Biucky, but they weren’t really dead) has come back in the MCU, and that was with alien blood. Must I remind you not everything has to make sense, and if people don’t like that they don’t have to watch these movies. I bet Scarlet Witch wishes Quicksilver could come back, and that’s what these movies are supposed to be, right? Wish fulfillment. I mean, it would take too long just to name all the things you people are willing to believe, or at least suspend your disbelief for. And someone coming back to life is where you draw the line? That,s one of the things to believe for me. And besides, there are other ways to have stakes, that’s what the Russos said, in an interview for Civil War

          • Axxell

            Exactly…aliens shoot from the sky, control lightning, move and destroy objects with their mind…but apparently resurrection is too much for the general audience?

            Gandalf was supposed to be dead…came back FOR THE VERY NEXT MOVIE…I don’t remember anybody b¡tching about that…

    • Casper

      A character staying dead doesn’t mean the death means anything, A Resurrection is more interesting anyway, because it deals with a much more nuanced concept, than just the same old killing a character off, people cry about it, the end.

      • SAMURAI36

        Uhmmm, resurrection, by definition, is the exact opposite of a “nuanced concept”.

  • Matthew M. Millamina

    I want Quicksliver back..

    • SAMURAI36

      For what?

  • Casper

    Yes please bring back Quicksilver.