6 Reasons Why ‘Justice League’ Could Be Better Than ‘Avengers’

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Justice League
The DC Cinematic Universe needs a win and Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder have their fingers crossed Wonder Woman and Justice League will give things a boost. Aquaman keeps adding members to the cast and is set to start shooting soon while Flash has already lost two directors, meaning there’s a lot riding on WB’s next two big DC movies to secure a future for their cinematic plans.

There’s a lot to look forward to in Justice League and quite a few reasons to believe it could match or surpass The Avengers. WB is introducing most of their supporting characters for the first time in Justice League opposed to how Marvel had already introduced every member of the team by the time they came together for The Avengers. That means we have a lot to watch for as we meet a lot of characters on the big-screen for the first time.

Hit Next to find out why Justice League might be better than The Avengers.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

I love Batman, movies and Tyrion Lannister. Check me out on Youtube!

  • TheTuckster

    Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle, not his son.

    • Nick Kazden

      Good eye. Thanks for the fix.

    • Howard Kynaston

      Article says Orion is Darkseid’s son, Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle

  • SeeyAfro

    I’d give an article a pass but it’s all over the place. Are you saying that the Justice League in general or Justice League the movie will beat the Avengers? And do you mean Avengers Assemble or Age of Ultron, or Civil War?
    I don’t want JL to do badly but it has a lot more working against it than for it. BvS isn’t the best of lead ins. Wonder Woman (while the trailer looks great) is up in the air and I’m sure you know Ben Affleck wants out of his Batman contract (and his Batman was the best part of BvS). Jason Momoa as Aquaman might be interesting but it’s too early to tell with just the little we saw on the trailer. He seems to be having fun though.
    All in all there are more negatives than positives for this movie. Sure they have Darkseid (who’s not the big bad for this movie yet) and the pantheon of heroes but you’re ignoring the elephant in the room: Zack Snyder and DC/Warner Bros who’ve bungled the IP since they launched this new universe with Man of Steel. So far they’ve been meh at best and atrocious at worst.
    I hope JL proves me (and so many other folks wrong) but it’s more likely that it’ll appeal to diehard fans whilst leaving most people scratching their heads.

    • LupeX

      You’re all over the place with your rumors lol

    • JoyDC4Life

      You should consider a career in clickbait, being that wrong all the time.

  • Paul Sanders

    Nick Kazden have you ever watched BvS ? Batman didnt zap away from Superman’s heat vision, it was Doomsday’s heat vision.

    • Nick Kazden

      You’re totally right. I mixed the two scenes together since I’ve only seen the movie all the way through one time.

    • Jamface

      He zipped away from his laser according to the article!!! I’m not convinced this author knows his stuff…

  • JL won’t be better than Avengers. Better, good and all their iterations are all subjective and therefore a direct comparison will not be possible. I enjoy both Iron Man and Man of Steel for different reasons. They cannot be compared to one another because they are not the same kind of movie; and ones enjoyment level of one over another is not an indication of the quality of either.

    Zack Snyder is a far different film maker and storyteller than Joss Whedon, therefore Justice League will be a far different kind of film than The Avengers. Whedon is a storyteller that favors simple, dialog driven stories that serve as a backdrop for the characters. Zack Snyder prefers using visuals to tell much denser stories and the characters are there to service that story. This is not a apples to apples comparison of approaches and will come down to what a particular audience member prefers. These days audiences prefer dialog driven films because they are generally easier to follow but this does not mean going the other way is an invalid approach; it’s just more difficult to get in tune with.

    In any event you only do yourself and the rest of the audience a disservice by attempting to set up a direct comparison between the two films.

    • JoyDC4Life

      Great commentary.
      These films don’t really need to be compared, it’s just another device to create derision between fandoms. Still, it’s nice to see a mostly positive article on the potential of the movie.

    • Dark Cider the Talkback

      Great points.

  • Daniel

    If this movie turns out like I think it will (e.g., the third chapter in a three-part Justice League Trilogy (MoS, BvS, JL)), then I think that right there will be the defining trait that will make this better than The Avengers.

    The MCU, as entertaining as it can be, is structured in a very flabby manner, with a lot of needless solo movies that, objectively speaking, are pretty mediocre and only move the central plot of the MCU (essentially the parallel and often intertwining stories of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers) had in the most incremental manner.

    The DCEU (and, again, I’m basing this only on what I’ve read and been able to synthesize into streamlined hypothesis) is, at its core, the story of Superman told over three films (MoS, BvS, and JL) mirroring the Christ myth (birth, death, resurrection). The other members of the Justice League cast are only supporting players in service to this central Superman story. In that sense, it’s very much like Star Wars (Superman is Luke (the protagonist); Batman is Han (the unpredictable, morally ambiguous rogue); Wonder Woman is Leia (descended from royalty); Aquaman is Lando (the wildcard, uncertain if he is good or bad); and Flash and Cyborg are the Droids (exposition, comic relief).

    My belief is that the solo films in the DCEU will therefore be more like appendices to this central trilogy, with each film offering up background information that would otherwise slow down the main narrative thrust (I’m guessing that most, if not all, of the solo films will be origin stories in some respect which Wonder Woman apparently is and Aquaman, with the casting of a young Arthur Curry, is likely to be, too).

    So in that sense, the Justice League movie is, by its nature, likely to be much more narratively streamlined than The Avengers or the MCU have been. If that’s the case, judging solely as a film(s), Justice League has a very strong chance to be a much better movie. That doesn’t mean that it will be more popular, but popular doesn’t always equate to quality.

    • JoyDC4Life

      You are very much on the right track here

    • Jared

      That’s a truly interesting theory. But it’s undone by the execution of the films. Superman was hardly seen has a hero in BvS. In fact very few heroic acts were shown in that film from him. His death was “wildly” premature and the decision to hint at his “resurrection” also undercut the impact of that plot point.

      DC shot their wad way to quickly jumping to Batman V Superman story line. Because they didn’t have the confidence in their characters and instead decided to go for it’s big gun– BATMAN.. That movie would have been better served with a Superman Sequel and a Batman film prior IMO.

      It’s interesting that MOS — as divisive as that movie was, still remains, 3 movies into the DCEU, the best movie they’ve made. ( I actually really liked that film.)

    • Jamface

      Great commentary. I wouldn’t refer to Christ as a myth but follow your meaning for across the 3 films.

      • Han Solo

        Myth simply means “story.” It doesn’t actually mean fake or made up, it just means story.

        Daniel, excellent analysis!

        • Jamface

          One of the definitions for myth is “a widely held but false belief or idea” but the primary definition (according to Google) is “a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events”. I now consider myself better educated, Mr Solo – thank you!

  • JoyDC4Life

    Aside from a couple inaccuracies already pointed out by others, I appreciate seeing a mostly positive article about JL.

    I have to massively disagree where you say, ” Under Zack Snyder’s supervision, Superman never struck me as overtly heroic. ” I found him to be tremendously heroic. It’s not packaged in a pretty box with a big red bow on top. You are not drowned in exposition so you can have it pounded over the top of your head, it’s done through his visceral storytelling. The decisions a very green hero has to make in Man Of Steel, are rife in self-sacrifice, from the moment he decides to surrender himself to avoid conflict altogether, all the way to having to compromise his desire to save everyone. in order to keep humanity safe at the very end. The consequence of this is not ignored. Something Zack thankfully does not compromise,

    In BvS, there is a dichotomy of him being iconofied by some and reviled by others. Is it hard to find heroics here? I don’t think so. We see through Keefe, his deeds of the past 2 years, even if Keefe cannot himself resolve these things as heroic because of his tragic circumstances. We see one of the most important questions explored in relation to a being of Superman’s stature, one never before truly explored with honesty, in any live-action iteration before. Where his heroism should hit you over the head is in his ultimate sacrifice and INSPIRING Diana to end her 100 year hiatus from the horrors that men perpetuate and bringing Bruce out of his fog of rage that drove him deep down into that dark descent that muddied his usual clarity of mind and sense. Superman did THAT. He inspired these two major players to be heroes once again. And ultimately, isn’t that a key part of what heroism is? Inspiring others to be a better version of themselves?

    Also, I would be remiss if I did not point out, how Zack is putting Superman through the hero paces like never before. This is a Campbellian journey of the hero if I ever saw one in any CB movie. This is how you BUILD a hero. Not magically appearing out of the blue. I see JL as something that will flesh that out to completion.

  • jrvc

    Glad to see an article speaking in a positive light about the movie, while everywhere we can only see BS articles that only claim that the movie is doomed with no proof, just clickbait. They are generating a wrong perception that it’s going to be difficult to erase once the movie is here.

    So, as a fan of the DCEU, pretty appreciated 😉

  • Jared

    It can’t be better than the Avengers, because the Avengers were “first”.. When something is done first the doer is (mostly) always remembered more than new-comers even if they do it better. Similarly no one will care that Thanos is a copy of Darkseid, since he was introduced to the masses first, people will assume he can first. I’m excited for Justice League. But the fact that a majority of the characters are introduced in this film, is actually a detriment.

    Think about it. What made Avengers so good was seeing the banter and interaction with people we came to know beforehand. The Avengers wasn’t mired down with backstory but was free to let the story move at it’s own pace. JL will have to introduce and make us care for Aquaman/Flash/Cyborg, giving us origin/backstory and character arcs. Not to mention meaningful time dedicated to side characters such as Mera, Cyborg’s dad, Commissioner Gordan. That’s a lot of things to juggle. All while giving these characters motivation to unite and give the villian meaningful motivation (which everyone cries the Marvel films doesn’t do well.) I wish them well. It’s a big task, If the movie turns out well I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • 39steps
  • Antonio

    I wish comparison between these 2 franchises Stop because at this point it’s pointless. You can’t convince a Marvel or DC fanboy that either franchise is bad for any reason. Marvel’s love the sense of humor and fun storytelling and DC’s love the grittier tone and more graphic action scenes. Both franchises have their strengths and weaknesses. As a fan of both, I will forvever praise and applaud Marvel for creating the MCU and actually building a connected film universe across 15 films. Yes, they weaker films and they have great films but the “MCU isn’t serious and has jokes for kids” remarks are old and dated now. The

    • Antonio

      Comment got posted before I could finish lol…
      the “DC is dark and gritty for adults” is also stupid because that claim would indicate that WB only wants ppl 25 and up to enjoy these films which is completely false. Enjoy these films as film and not as a tool to compare the next one that’s released.