7 Animated Marvel Movies That Should Be Made

7. Wolverine and the X-Men


Wolverine is dead on the big-screen, so why not bring him back in a way that won’t make his death feel cheap? Jason Aaron turned Wolverine into a principal after the death of Charles Xavier, forcing Logan to be the best at something quite different than what he’s used to.

Not only does the story show us a different side of Logan, (don’t worry, it still has some awesome Wolverine fight scenes though, bub) but it also introduces audiences to a great new assortment of young mutants. Some are aliens, and some are omega level mutants with bad attitudes. Quentin Quire is one of my favorite new Marvel characters in years, and seeing him constantly get on Logan’s nerves is a treat to see unfold. So all in all, Wolverine has a lot to deal with as he runs a school and defends it from those who still hate the mutants.

This is one of my favorite recent X-Men arcs because it symbolizes a return to the basic structure the X-Men were founded upon. I love seeing mutants pass down their knowledge from one generation to the next, an it’s a no-brainer for Marvel to focus on Wolverine if they want to get some big sales. 

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Glen Damico

    Some of those stories are ok but it’s obvious this guy may not be a true Marvelphile! So let’s educate the man. He seemed to like the X-Men and Avengers most so here we go. First, X-Men! The Dark Phoenix Saga, yeah they did an animated but this one could use the full treatment. Next, Brood War! One of my favorite old-school stories. Greatest Wolverine moment in Marvel history. Entire team taken over by the “Alien” like Brood and it’s one of Wolverine’s first semi-solo adventures. Awesome stuff. Now Avengers. Masters of Evil story line during the Roger Stern era. Operation Galactic Storm, The whole Captain Mar-Vell saga, I could go on forever. Would love to see a Taskmaster animated movie but only the original George Perez style when he was a Deathstroke like total badass and not Deushpool’s side-kick, not that I don’t enjoy him. I just liked oldschool Tasky better. ‘Nuff said!