7 Candidates For Savitar’s Identity On ‘The Flash’

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SavitarEach season of The Flash so far has had an evil speedster that has challenged Barry Allen. These speedsters are almost mirror versions of himself that was significantly faster than he was, and forced him to be faster, smarter, and better than he already was, so that he could rise to the occasion to defeat his foe. As most speedsters also hid behind a mask like Barry does, once the villain was revealed, it was a betrayal as it was someone Barry knew and trusted.

In the first season, his mentor “Harrison Wells” was revealed to be Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash and one of his mortal enemies from the future. The reveal was a significant betrayal as Thawne was almost like a father figure for Barry, even though Thawne was responsible for his mother’s death and his father’s incarceration. In the second season, the evil speedster was revealed to be Hunter “Jay Garrick” Zolomon, who assumed the identity of the “heroic” Flash from Earth-2. Like the Reverse-Flash, Zoom assumed a friendly form to Barry and helped train him, only to rip away his hope with his reveal, as well as steal Barry’s speed from him (his ultimate goal).

In the third season, the stakes are raised even higher as his new nemesis is Savitar, the “God of Speed.” Savitar is infinitely faster than Barry ever could be, to the point that Barry knows he probably can’t defeat him and enlists the help of a more inexperienced Flash, Wally, to help stop Savitar. The evil cherry on top is that, soon, Savitar will kill Iris. Thanks to Barry accidentally traveling to the future, he knows that the evil speedster will kill his beloved, and set forth a chain of events that will prove devastating for Team Flash.

On this week of The Flash we will finally find out just who is behind the armor and, in a potential future, responsible for such pain and suffering for Barry. In last week’s episode, Barry traveled to the future and saw the aftermath of Iris’ death and how it affected everyone, and no one in the future wanted to tell him just who Savitar really was, so it’s bound to be a gut punch. The episode ended with Killer Frost (but not the audience) seeing who he was, and it shocked even her,.

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  • SmoothTrIxt3r

    I think it’s either Ronnie or Wally. After last episode, I’m leaning more toward Ronnie. Not sure how he got super speed though. Unless it’s the suit itself. I guess Flashpoint could have gave him speed as well. It could still be Wally though. Him finding out that he is Savitar and killed his own sister might be why he was in that almost comatose state, when Barry traveled to the future.

  • Daniel Joseph

    Seeing da last episode made me believe that Ronnie, is Savitar.

  • Peter James

    >>>>”In the season one finale, his corpse was sucked into the singularity, so there was always the possibility of him existing outside of space-time.”

    That sentence just made my mind explode just based on how nonsensical it is.

    If his “corpse” was sucked into the singularity, then how is he alive “on the other side of it”?
    Do singularities have corpse-reanimating powers that science has not discovered or postulated on yet?
    Also, if singularities exist in our space-time, then how does his corpse/body exist outside of it?

    And what is “outside” spacetime?
    Because I was under the impression that even alternate parallel dimensions (which would be the implication of what singularities lead to) that are predicted under the superstring theory, exist within our same space-time but in out of phase with out our own dimension

    So many questions.

    • Branden Jensen

      Outside of space-time would also mean unaffected by Flashpoint

  • Branden Jensen

    I’m sticking with my Jay Garrick theory.
    He knows the team, he’s the oldest speedster (longest with powers, by the shows own admission), and he did end up trapped in the speed force, experiencing a worst nightmare scenario over and over that could have driven him nuts.

  • Sean T. Hill

    It’s Barry 2056 messing with the timeline again!

  • Kevin Cheadle

    I think it’s Cisco,think of it who’s the only one who could replicate the accident that gave barry his speed or even make that suit or go to different worlds to get an alien metal alloy for the Savita suit, who knows everything about him
    uhh yea, that would be cisco. Well obviously a different cisco, one probably from another dimension with an axe to grind. Anyways that makes more sense to me than an evil barry

  • Aaron Jackson

    Actually while fighting zoom barry enlisted the help of himself which was willing to give his life to help. Running fast enough to disintegrate himself the other barry was merged with the speed force, while inside the speed force drove him crazy. Blaming other barry for him being stuck in the speed force he became savitar with the help of the philosopher stone.

  • Wayne Kwan

    I believe the savitar is Jay Garrick.
    Jay Garrick is dying which it make sense that he need the suit to keep him alive. Jay also Caitlin sonw lover. When savitor removed his suit, killer froze (Caitlin) was happy to see him.


  • Wayne Kwan

    I believe the savitar is Jay Garrick.
    Jay Garrick is dying which it make sense that he need the suit to keep him alive. Jay also Caitlin sonw lover. When savitor removed his suit, killer froze (Caitlin) was happy to see him.

  • Kristoffer Binder


  • David Chlystek

    It’s Barry. Aside from Ronnie, who else would Kaitlin trust that much?

  • marko appel

    i don’t know why but i blame barry .XD