7 Greatest Legacy Superheroes In Comics

7. Black Canary


Black Canary is one of DC’s first superheroes and is one of the biggest bad asses in all of comics. Most of the first superheroes had crazy strength or could fly, but Dinah Lance was just a tough-as-nails fighter with sonic screams. Sure, those screams might do some damage on the battlefield, but her leadership and tactical abilities distinguish her as one of the Justice League’s most valuable members.

Black Canary is one of the few heroic mantles handed down within a family. Dinah Lance was the first Black Canary, but after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, her daughter Dinah took the mantle from her mother. Dinah is just as fierce, loyal and powerful as her mother and was one of the founding members of the Birds of Prey, an all-female vigilante group. She’s even one of the few people Batman trusts enough to call in when he’s in tight situations.

Part of what makes the new Black Canary such an interesting character is her relationship with Green Arrow. Outside of Jean Grey and Cyclops I can’t tell you a more iconic superhero couple. The two of them are polar opposites but they complement each other perfectly. At first, Dinah dislikes him because he is older than she is and quite a hot head, but in time the two slowly bond. She even quits the Justice League and opens a flower shop after the two of them move to Seattle together. One of my biggest complaints with The New 52 was the fact that the two heroes never dated. Since then, the problem has been remedied and Green Arrow and Black Canary are once again fighting crime together in the pages of DC Rebirth.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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