7 Iconic Elements From The New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer

Power Rangers Trailer 2A brand new trailer for Lionsgate’s Power Rangers dropped this morning, giving us another look at the highly anticipated reboot. The latest sneak peek is packed with lots of awesome moments, but it also gives us a better idea of what to expect from this version, which is directed by Dean Israelite.

The first teaser left people wanting more, but this one literally has everything a Power Rangers fan would want to see. So, buckle up and get a closer look at all of the major reveals from the new trailer below.


Power Rangers Trailer 2

A blurry image of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla) as Zordon surfaced earlier this month, but the trailer offers up a much better look at the fan favorite character. He doesn’t look quite like he did in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, but that could also be said for most of the characters and their designs in this movie.

Back in December, The Wrap revealed that Zordon is the original Red Ranger, while Rita Repulsa is a former Green Ranger gone rogue. In the TV series, Zordon was the one who created the Power Coins (which he later used to battle Rita, who was never a Ranger), so it will be interesting to see what else the reboot changes about their past.

Alpha 5

Power Rangers Trailer 2

Zordon isn’t the only iconic Power Rangers ally that shows up in the trailer. Alpha 5 — who will be voiced by SNL alum Bill Hader — is introduced right after the Rangers meet Zordon for (presumably) the first time.

The robot looks identical to that piece of concept art that was released this past November, but almost nothing like TV version. There are a few similarities here and there, but this design is a lot more gritty and organic.

Power Rangers Suits

Power Rangers Trailer 2

The last trailer ended right as the Power Rangers were suiting up for action, but this one finally shows them using their costumes. I wasn’t sold on the design at first, but seeing them fighting those putties has made me change my mind.

The Putties

Power Rangers Trailer 2

In the original series, the Putty Patrollers (a.k.a. the Putties) were clay-like villains that Rita Repulsa often used to outnumber the Rangers. They’re not really that strong, as they always got their asses kicked by the Rangers, but it’s nice to see them back.

However, it seems like the people behind the movie took the “clay-like” part a bit too literally, but that’s nothing compared to…


Power Rangers Trailer 2

Goldar is one of the characters that we first got to see in toy form, but I didn’t expect that the final version would look the same. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Goldar was more of a humanoid ape, but here he’s just a giant piece of walking gold with wings that the Rangers will have to get through in order to stop Rita, unless there’s more it, which I doubt.

A classic Power Rangers villain, Goldar is one of Rita Repulsa’s strongest Generals. He isn’t a small-time Rangers enemy, appearing in several episodes of the original series, as well as in Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers in Space.

The Zords

Power Rangers Trailer 2

All of the Zords — the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Triceratrops, the Mastodon, the Sabertooth Tiger and the Pteroadactyl — are shown in their full glory while the Rangers are fighting Goldar, Rita Repulsa and her army of Putty Patrollers, but this is a job for something much bigger… or at least something that Goldar’s size. Which brings us to…

The Megazord

Power Rangers Trailer 2

The new Megazord makes a brief appearance towards the end of the trailer during what seems to be the final battle against Rita and Goldar. We don’t really get to see it that much, but it’s enough to get us excited for the movie.

What did you guys think of the trailer? Be sure to share your favorite moments in the comment section below. Power Rangers opens on March 24th.

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