7 Reasons Why ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Will Be A Unique Entry In The MCU

7. Sets Itself Apart From Previous Thor Films

Thor Films

The most obvious way in which it will be unique is that it will be a total departure from the first two Thor Films. The Thor series is often labeled as the weakest of the MCU. I enjoyed the films, but they haven’t lived up to the best that the cinematic universe offers. This film I’m assuming is making changes and adding new and familiar characters to get the series back on track with the same level of quality as the rest of the MCU and this is a welcome change. The tone seems to be switching to a much different one as well as it is aiming to tie everything back to the familiar characters. It will also more than likely help set up Avengers: Infinity War.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Napi

    Taika is way way WAY overrated, just like the Russos

    • aicdragon29 .

      Exactly how are the Russos overrated? They were certainly considered an odd choice for Winter Soldier as their pedigree had been predominently sitcoms. And theyve made 2 really good Cap films. No matter if you love those films or not… Considering many questioned their choice for the franchise and what we ended up getting, I find hilarity that anyone can calll them overrated now. Lol Aint gotta love those movies… But WS was far better than anyone “expected” theyd do… And with as much as Civil War had to juggle with expectation vs what we got… Again… Overrated isnt an adjective that comes to mind. (Nevermind “WAY overrated”) Entitled to any opinion one chooses to of course. But if one thinks this… Then perhaps one needs to really be a bit more realistic with their expectations.

  • Thanostic

    Hera, huh?

  • I wasn’t aware this would be a Thor vs. Hulk type movie. I assumed they would be fighting together on the same side–but then again anything goes with Hulk.

    • Matias Gagliardone

      It’s not the entire movie, at one point they’ll be in a gladiator arena pitted against each other (probably at the beginning) but after that they’ll probably work together

    • aicdragon29 .

      Well, think about many of the “vs” type scenarios in comics… And even in Bat v Supes(we dont need to get into the quality of the product haha)… Typically when its hero v hero they ultimately end up teaming up. And being that theyre adapting portions of Planet Hulk this is undoubtedly the scenario here as well. Itll be interesting to see how they handle this fight, as its my understanding Thor will have lost his powers with Mjolnir having been broken… Thus why some of the promo art showing him wielding swords instead of the iconic Hammer. A Hulk vs Thor foght would be a great slugfest, and I would likely tip towards Thor in the MCU considering hes a God and all… But a depowered Thor? Color me intrigued. But Im just hoping they dont overstuff the film trying to bite off too much in a 2 hr running time trying to be overly ambitious… Im just glad Hulks undoubtedly getting some more character building. As I think him expressing some personality as the monster is long overdue.