7 Things We Learned From The New ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

Blast from the past and/or sacrificial lamb?

Jason Bourne

Damon isn’t the only franchise alum to return as Julia Stiles – the only other actor to appear in all three previous Damon-starrers – is back as former CIA analysis Nicky Parsons, whose past with Bourne has only been hinted at. Perhaps we’ll get more info on that in this film, although the trailer seems to give away a lot here on what her role may be.

The trailer includes flashbacks to his past, which hilariously now includes the films we have already seen. Greengrass loves to crib from himself and the series, like throwing a bunch of pebbles in the pond to replicate the same ripples. The opening of the film in Greece appears reminiscent of The Bourne Supremacy’s, particular given what appears to occur next.

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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