7 Things We Learned From The New ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

The New Expository CIA Agents

Jason Bourne

It wouldn’t be a Bourne film without people in dark rooms talking. Thankfully, the casting has always been superb and here is no different. This trailer has the first peek at Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander as a computer analyst with fellow newcomer Ato Essandoh appearing (unseen: Rogue One actor Riz Ahmed). Thankfully, this shot shows Vikander won’t be confined to a computer desk.

As for the plot, when the filmmakers used “post-Snowden” and “austerity-riddled Europe” to describe the film’s setting, they meant it literally. The film namedrops both Snowden and the austerity riots of Greece to frame the story about a CIA leak that implicates Bourne, bringing back on the radar.

Sam Flynn

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