7 Things Marvel Can Learn From ‘Wonder Woman’

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Marvel Learn Wonder Woman
Ever since  2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been shaping the way that Superhero films are being made. While comics were certainly a popular resource to pull from, the MCU has pushed the superhero genre into the mainstream and causing studios to make bigger and bigger movies every single year. This accelerated launch into the superhero genre from nearly every studio has given rise to DC making their mark to have a cinematic universe as well. While the previous DC Extended Universe films have had little critical success, Wonder Woman was released to big box office and high critical reception.  This film did a lot of things differently, but found a perfect blend of action, comedy, and hopeful inspiration. It broke ground in representation as well as in superhero film quality. Marvel has made some great films, but there is a lot that they can learn and be taking notes of. 

Here are 7 things Marvel can learn from Wonder WomanThere will be some spoilers ahead. 

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Timmy FayFay

    Totally agree on all your points. I’d add that Wonder Woman was 100% self-contained, which, coupled with the romance, the banter, and the location shooting, gave it a timeless, old-fashioned feel. Marvel movies are often exciting for their shared universe gimmicks on first watch, but movies that depend on your excitement for upcoming or past movies are doomed not to age well. Case in point: who still watches Iron Man 2?

    Not to dump on Marvel: DC obviously took a long time to find its footing. But, I think that DC is discovering that success lies not in copying Marvel’s model, but actually delivering on that story- and filmmaker-centered approach they’ve been promising us.

    • Flidais

      Wonder Woman in fact seems to confirm the atmosphere that you can only make a good movie with light-hearted tone, original story and non-serious character giving hope

      • Grant McCollister

        You just described a Marvel movie

        • Flidais


    • Axxell

      Marvel movies are often exciting for their shared universe gimmicks on first watch, but movies that depend on your excitement for upcoming or past movies are doomed not to age well. Case in point: who still watches Iron Man 2?

      I see a lot of armchair DC fan producers saying this, but the rest of the audiences aren’t complaining. Have they had their misses? Sure. But I don’t see anyone doing it better from the get go.

    • Gabriel Rodriguez

      It’s not 100 percent self contained. It included Bruce’s email and her picture from BVS

  • JNAZ

    I’m a DC fan but I don’t think Marvel has to “learn” anything from wonderwoman. Marvel has a formula that works and is highly successful. I enjoy the marvel movies for what they are and would not want them to copy DC or vice versa. Although I love Man of Steel, BvS, and even Suicide Squad.. I really enjoy the theme, tone, and feel of Wonderwoman.. I guess this is what Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins meant when they kept telling the media about bringing hope and optimism back to the DCEU. To be honest, I wouldn’t be mad if they made WW the template for the rest of the DCEU movie slate.. although I wouldn’t be mad if they threw in one or two dark movies in there as well. As long as they hire the right people and make great movies they’ll have my $18 on opening night. And with the braintrust of Johns, Jenkins, Snyder, and Whedon there’s finally some true hope and optimism in the DCEU.

    • Axxell

      Well I’m a Marvel fan and I think they both can learn from each other. Obviously DC stands to learn more than the other way around, but Wonder Woman still had a few unique details that Marvel could take notes on.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Please, ain’t a [email protected] thing dceu can teach THE MCU…At the end of the day when everythang be said and done, MCU runs this here BYTTTCH, while dceu will always be lil’ sister tryin’ to wear BIG SISTA’S clothes.

  • Joe

    Point 4 makes no sense. Why would Marvel portray the Guardians or Doc Strange as inspirational? That’s what Captain America and Spider-Man bring to the table. GOTG are criminals and Doc Strange has always been egotistical. Odd choice to compare them to Wonder Woman.

    Point 2 – Tonal balance isn’t quite as simple as you make it out to be…take a peak at the 3 previous DCEU entries on that matter. Doc Strange had a more serious tone and nobody praised that film because of its serious tone.

  • Carl

    Marvel can’t learn anything from WW because WW learned everything it did from Marvel. Also, Villains!? WW, BvS and SS had some of the worst villains in all of CBM history.

    • Investigatin Detective

      I love that DCEU fans are all high and mighty with their one successful film. WW is a great movie but come one…

      Inspiration is my favorite point in this, considering the entire DCEU has been dour and depressing, Literally one character so far is inspirational and now Marvel has to learn from them? God help us if JL turns out to be anything other than a mess. Next article will be how “The Avengers Can Learn From Justice League”

      • Axxell

        I know, right? This is exactly what I thought would happen when the DCCU got its first legitimate hit, knowing how they predicted BvS would make Marvel “obsolete”… The arrogance and hubris is astounding…

      • Deckard

        “What the Avenger Learned From the Justice League” aka “How Marvel Borrowed the Entire Premise of the Justice League of America, Then Later Followed the Formula Established by Every Other Major Studio to Produce a Superhero Film.”
        Hey, that’s catchy!

        • Fenix

          Hey, you’re lame.

  • Yogen Thiran

    Wow?! Cristian Michael Stoic is it? Ol we get it man your a DC fan. Well thats what i can tell from your article, you are trying to condemn the MCU in the most polite way by using Wonder Woman as a tool since everyone is telling it a success. Well the first DCEU sucess. I agree MCU should be paying attention for to their female characters and thats the only point from the article out of the seven that i would accept. I mean tonal balance? Who the heck cares. MCU is well-known because of its unbalanced tone thats what makes MCU movies special and unique. Another thing villians ohhhh man MCU villians aren’t interesting because they are purposely made like that. Marvel does not care about some of their villians as much as they care about their heroes. They only develope villiams who can drive or play in the MCU storyline like Loki. Its not like besides Wonder Woman you guys gotta a great and well developed villan. Where and from who are BvS, Man of Steel and Suicide Squad gonna learn their mistake from. And yah MCU officials also does not like directors doing their own thing in some movies like for Iron Man 2, Age of Ultron and all, the directors were forced to do what would help set up the future MCU. Thats is true from your article, I would really want some directors to have and show their own vision in films. But Marvel has already planned how the MCU should go and they are doing just fine. Thats why all their films are a success, well some of them were not, critically but they did gain good money. Wonder Woman has done good, I am honestly jealous of its success, DC deserves it, they have done something that MARVEL were afraid to do, they have done a good job and I hope the success continues. But until then let MARVEL do their own thing and DC do theirs dont get overhyped and compare the success with a rival. Thats just stupid because if MARVEL fans start comparing it will be a shame then. As a conclusion Wonder Woman was the first risk DC has taken which turned out to be a success and is the first DCEU film to have a higher rotten tomatoes rating than MARVEL’s Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World. So CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Grant McCollister

    I bet the DCEU will never produce a villain half as good as Loki

  • Are you flipping kidding me!?!? The villain in this film was as bad as any villain in any of the MCU films. They did the exact same thing as many people complain about with the MCU. Also, vision!? James Gunn’s Guardians do not look ANYTHING like the rest. How about the Russo Brothers making a political action film with Winter Soldier? No vision? Sure there is a lot of same things, it’s called a SHARED UNIVERSE after all. I found the most recent MCU film (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) the most amazing piece superhero movies EVER made. Every movie will affect everyone differently. However, watching Yondu sacrifice his life for Peter, and then seeing all the Ravagers return to honour their fallen friend and comrade had all the feels in the world. The fact that I lost my father just over a year and half ago made those scenes the most amazing scenes in a movie for me ever. As far as tone, you do realize that the MCU appeals to a MUCH wider audience because of their tone. They don’t just get the 18 – 49 year olds, they get the 1 – 100+ year olds. MORE people go see MCU movies because they have a more appealing tone. DCEU is dark, gritty and not meant for children. Sure, children go see them, but the movies are not made for children AT ALL. Finally, I agree about the need for more female led superhero films, but I do not know where you are getting all these delays on Captain Marvel. There has been a movement on when they initially announced the date from July 2018 to March of 2019, yes that is ONE delay, not several. Also, the reasons are obvious, they got Spider-Man back and now had to accommodate the wider Universe, because once again the MCU is building an entire world. The DCEU has built crap up until Wonder Woman. So I would like BOTH companies to keep doing what they are doing. The MCU is making great films for the entire family. IF Warner Bros. and DC can build of the success of Wonder Woman, than great… but they are building a world for more adult movies and demographic movie as opposed to for the whole family. I know I will get labelled as a Marvel fanboy, but I am a fan of movies and superhero films. I see them all, even though I knew Dawn of Justice looked bad from the start, I still went to see it because I live in hope. From Man of Steel until Wonder Woman the DCEU has finally found it’s footing. Let’s hope Justice League doesn’t fall short or it’s back to the drawing board again. Personally, I love the fact that the MCU is planned several movies ahead and not flying by the seat of their pants. Time will tell though.

  • Fenix

    Great movie but it’s very much the first captain America mixed with Richard Donner’s Superman.