7 Things Marvel Can Learn From ‘Wonder Woman’

7. Filmmaker Vision

Patty Jenkins Learn

One of the most popular points of contention about the MCU is that most of them feel and look exactly the same. They all sort of fall into the same category and this “copy and paste” approach has worked, but it could be great to see the vision of the filmmaker on the films. When you watch Wonder Woman,you can certainly feel the presence of Patty Jenkins. You see her focus on the characters and her inherent love for Diana. She has been given creative control on many parts and has been lauded for her vision. Other than a few exceptions, there tends to be a more of a singular and focused approach with Marvel. A distinct director’s perspective allows each film to feel different and unique. That can certainly help in producing a more memorable experience and Marvel could certainly learn from this.


Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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