7 Things We Want To See In The Second Season Of ‘Legion’

7. Horror Elements

Horror Legion Second

The show was brilliant in it’s unique execution of the material with incredible cinematography and smart visuals. The show was very cinematic in its approach and one of the ways it engrossed you was the use of horror inspired sequences. The Shadow King used the imagery of the child from the storybook to torment David and whenever it showed up it was very eerie. There were many moments especially in the first several episodes that played out like a trippy horror movie where it didn’t make sense, but was downright creepy. I hope that for Season 2 they bring in those eerie moments in some way and keep with the horror vibe. It’s an element that was excellently executed so more of it would certainly be welcome.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • margomarie1 .

    Love legion. I’ve already watch every episode twice. I find I missed things the first time around because every episode was nuts!