8 Reasons Why Fox Is Giving The MCU A Run For Their Money

8. Longevity

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The X-Men films have been continuously produced for over 17 years. They have made Fox a lot of money in addition to being generally well received. It seems like there is no stopping them. While it may often feel like DC and the MCU have cornered the market on superhero films, Fox has done an excellent job at remaining in the public eye and garnering favor through attempting to produce quality work. This trust in their films has led to financial success and it is impressive seeing them make incredible Marvel films outside of Marvel Studios. Their longevity in remaining a worthy studio is impressive in this overly-saturated superhero market.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Galactus

    Fox is better

  • Axxell

    Not with Fantastic Four they ain’t.

  • Philly Gannon

    This is bo-shiet just for the sake of spewing bo-shiet. Nope one point is an actual point. The X-men movies are lacking in EVERY department except violence in the lattest R-rated movies.

  • Philly Gannon

    P.S. Legion is NOT a good show. unique does NOT equal good.
    also, when EVERY X-men movie has featured either Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto or Professor X, you lose in the “risk taking” argument,

  • mrneddles

    About the dumbest article I have seen on this site. Marvel Studios has a better batting average of hits, no question. The narrative freedom of Fox movies has created a jumbled mess of timelines and inconsistencies that have lead to poor quality control.

    Fox execs would give their middle child for Marvel Studios well oiled universe machine. When I think of the Fox movies, my only thought is, at least they didn’t have a dancing Peter Parker scene.

  • Justin Jules

    Marvel Studios is a behemoth in Hollywood. You only need to look at the calibre of actors they attract to their work in comparison to Fox. If it wasn’t for Marvel’s long form of story telling. There wouldn’t be a x-universe, Transformers universe, universal pictures monster universe and DCEU. They set the trend the others are so desperate to follow. That’s without mentioning Marvel’s dominance in the box office.

    For the past few months I’ve grown weary of the quality that is being put out by HH. This opinion piece is the nail in the coffin for me.

  • AlphaBlu

    As much fun as I have watching them, it did take me a while to realise that the X-Men movies aren’t actually very good. First Class is the only really good one (ok, and Deadpool), and even X-Men 2 doesn’t hold up as well today as it did back then.

    I have not seen Logan, so that might be different.