8 Reasons ‘Supergirl’ Has Lost Its Way (And 2 Ways It Can Find…

1. The loss of Cat Grant

Supergirl Cat Grant

There are obvious things the show lost in its transition from CBS to The CW (and simply from season to season). As viewers, we lost one of the show’s strongest and most well-developed characters and with her, season one’s second most important relationship. We lost Cat Grant.

Cat Grant was not a character I immediately fell in love with; she had to earn my love. And she did. During season one, we saw Cat soften, we saw more of her humanity, and we saw the impact of her relationship with Kara. She was the character that experienced perhaps the biggest arc of the entire first season, and she grew into a character that felt the heart – felt the light – of her association with Supergirl/Kara.

This isn’t even to mention her fabulous one-liners, which were witty, smart, funny, and so quick you could miss them. She was a character with a consistent voice, a consistent presentation. She was well-written, well-acted, and she evolved as the show evolved and found its footing. Of course, life isn’t perfect and, as we all know, Calista Flockhart simply wasn’t up for a move to Vancouver and Cat Grant was sent off into the ether.

Since then, there’s been nary a mention or thought given to her, the strong bond she had formed with Kara, or the looming presence she once was at CatCo. Everything that she was, everything that she had built, is gone. Even CatCo is a shadow of its former self. And Kara seems to have lost nothing in losing Cat, despite the magnitude and importance of their relationship.

Cat Grant was a character that provided levity and clarity in a way that helped define the show and define Kara. Her loss is great, and the fact her spirit does not live on in season two is a travesty.

But take heart! There is some hope now as Cat Grant will at least be returning for the final two episodes of season two.

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