8 Important Things To Know About Steppenwolf In ‘Justice…

Steppenwolf makes his official DCEU appearance in Justice League, but what can we expect from him as a main villain? 

It’s been confirmed for some time that the big bad of Justice League will be none other than Steppenwolf, the right-hand man—er—god of Darkseid. That, of course, means that the movie is wisely saving Darkseid and the full wrath of the New Gods for future movies (maybe that’s what Part 2 was going to be about before it got nixed?)

This won’t be the first time DC has leveraged the New Gods for a Justice League team-up, but this will be one of the rare times Steppenwolf will be pitted against the DC heroes, sans-Darkseid at least. For that reason, not everyone is quite sure what to make of Steppenwolf as a big bad, or which incarnation we can expect to see when he inevitably invades Earth to find the Mother Boxes.

Digging through his history, though, here are some reasonable aspects of the character we should expect and look out for as the DCEU continues.


Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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