8 X-Men Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

8. Mystique


This one is kind of a no-brainer. Jennifer Lawerence is an amazing (and A-list) actress, but she (and Rebecca Romijn) always falls flat for me in the X-Men movies.  Mystique is a mutant unlike anyone else.  Her ability to travel anywhere and go unnoticed by anyone should grant her a sense of being isolated and untouchable.  Instead, she is always surrounded by teammates, playing their games.

I want to see a Mystique who lives on the edge, takes name and plays by her own rules.  If she wants to be good for a while, that’s fine, but it should only happen when it suits her needs.  She shouldn’t be the leader of the X-Men, that honestly just doesn’t make any sense.  Mystique should be the James Bond of the mutant world.  A stealthy, spy-like character who knows how to get things done.  Whether she is infiltrating a base for her own good or because a team asked her to, I usually have total confidence Mystique will get out of a situation unharmed.

What does always pretending to be someone else do to one’s psyche? Make it happen Fox!

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • DefJ123 the Deplorable

    Personally, I’m pretty sick of Mystique and Magneto.

    Bishop, X23 and Collosus/Kitty Pryde sound the most interesting to me. I’m most interested in an X23 film though. Perhaps in a few with Ms. Keen playing her again!

  • Maxi Iroh

    I don’t think Fox should rely on stand alone spin offs, X-Men, New Mutants, Deadpool and the eventual X-Force are enough X-Men movies for me.

    Mystique – Kill Jennifer Law… sorry, Mystique, kill Mystique, or just put her aside;
    Bishop – He will be in X-Force, or at least be mentioned, then we can have a Cable movie with him as the villain;
    Emma Frost – I don’t think we should get a movie about Emma, but i would sure like to see her again as an antagonist to the X-Men;
    X-23 – It depends, will there be an older version of her in X-Force?
    Multiple Man – no;
    Magneto – After a few years, sure but he has to stop appearing on all X-Men movies, First Class was his movie though;
    Colossus/ShadowCat – They’ll probably be on the next X-Men film(or New Mutants);
    Beast – He is in the X-Men movies, also probably in New Mutants.

    • Nathan_12thMan

      X-23 is a must. Cast Sofia Boutella as X-23 (having taken up the ‘Wolverine’ mantle from Logan). During X-Force she should either be introduced to us/Deadpool as a member of the team that Cable acquired from the future (aka ‘Logan’ is canon, Cable went to the future & retrieved the 24-30 y/o) or part of the movies plot is Cable and Deadpool putting the team together, so we actually SEE the first meeting and recruitment of X-23/Wolverine/Laura.

      Now if fans go wild for Sofia’s X-23/Wolverine, then you green light a spin-off. Keep her tone similar to ‘Wolverine’ and ‘Logan’ in that she is a street level, realistic, human mutant and not the big, wild, tons of powers, stop the world from ending type.

  • Axxell

    No Gambit?!

    You lost all cred in my eyes…

    • Adam Gonzales

      There’s already a gambit movie in development starring Channing Tatum. It was originally supposed to release last July, then October Although, it keeps getting delayed so who knows lol