More Revealed About ‘Gotham’; Love Interests And Villains


6. Born on a monday…

You may remember Arrow introduced a pre-zombified version of Solomon Grundy and never followed up on it. Well, they probably won’t be doing that anytime soon, as Gotham looks to have taken dibs on the character. When asked about the character, Stephens had this to say.

“It’s difficult to (talk about) without giving too much away but the idea of one is reincarnation, which is one where we obviously already crossed that hurdle. And the idea that someone would want to create reincarnation? Who out there would want to be interested in reincarnation?

Don’t expect to recognise Grundy when he comes to our screens later in the season. “When Solomon Grundy comes on, he will be a character we have not yet met” added Stephens.

Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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