5 Actors Who Should Play Booster Gold In The DC Extended Universe

 5. John Krasinski

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Super Bowl

Anyone who saw the Jack Ryan trailer knows that Jim sure has grown up.  Everyone’s favorite boy-next-door from The Office has transitioned into a leading-man with an interest in big, action-packed roles.

Booster Gold can provide Krasinski the perfect in-between for his two careers. Not only would the role allow him to continue dabbling in the action-packed genre flicks he’s clearly a fan of, but he would also get to rely on some of his natural comedic abilities. Booster is such an obnoxious character, but the fun part is he doesn’t really care that he’s annoying some people with how he chooses to be a hero. Krasinski has a knack for playing unapologetic characters who have no problem following their own path, and that skill would work perfectly with Booster Gold.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Maxi Iroh

    I have no idea how there isn’t a Booster Gold/Nathan Fillion movie already out.

  • Billy Magnussen and/or half of “Everybody Wants Some” cast

  • Kevin Daniel Schneider

    I see Howerton as a better Ted Kord. Fillian’s was perfect ten years ago. Too old now. The guy from Dumb and Dumberer would be terrible. 5&4 are great.

  • Kevin Daniel Schneider

    Geoff Stults

    • Sarcasm Implied

      Walter from the Finder would make a better Hal J IMO

      I do like ECO from NCIS LA as Bosster.

  • Clay Strohman

    Did you just throw 3 ransoms in there to troll us? Seriously how do some of y’all have jobs with this company

  • Channing Tatum. If Gambit doesn’t happen